Want to know about a capricorn guys feelings

  • I have started talking to this guy an a dating app, he use to stay in a different country, but originally he is from the same country which I belong, his house, relatives are here. A month ago, he had to shift to his own country for some family issue. But when he came here he hardly messaged or call, where as when he was in different country we use to talk more. He came here and got so busy with his family and work, he also told he is a single child, so he needs to take care of few things over here as he came here after 10years, he hardly texts. He met me once for an hour on my birthday. And then he kept on telling he is busy. After that few days back he said he likes me a lot, but he needs time as this feeling needs to get mature. I so like him maybe I have fallen for him, I am so sad. I dont understand what he is upto!! Can u suggest me how to react to this situation.

  • To Capricorns, work comes first in their lives and romance and friendship a slow second. He is not interested in a face-to-face relationship with you and prefers an online affair which is safer and easier and doesn't take up so much of his time. You are wasting your time and energy on him.

  • @Tina_aquarius if he guy don't give priority to you, it means you have no value in his life. If he don't make effort to keep relationship with you, then it is wise enough to stay away from such people. Give yourself value, know your worth, do self love and move away. Yes don't waste your time. Thanks

  • Hey!
    Here are some of points about capricorn man, hope it might help you

    • They are bad at expressing their love.
    • They are not the romantic type.
    • Capricorns are extremely loyal.
    • They always look for a serious relationship that lasts for a long time.
    • They hate cheating, and they won’t do it either.
    • They don’t appreciate people who think love is a game.
    • They are trustworthy partners.
    • Capricorns are incredibly determined people.
    • No matter what they will hold on to a relationship.
    • Don’t expect poetic words or romantic dinner date with them.
    • They need time to open up with you.
    • A person’s physical appearance doesn’t appeal to them.
    • They get emotionally attached to the person they like.
    • Once they are interested in you, they will shower you with attention.
    • Capricorns like to stick to the traditional approach, and this is why they never flirt and are not romantic.
    • At times they can be sensitive so it is often better to give them some space.
    • A Capricorn male needs their partner to support their ambitious dreams.
    • They love to take the lead so let them make the first move.
    • They want their partner to be reliable and mature.
    • They love to be complimented and pampered.
    • They love when their partner takes care of them.

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