Cancer Man Distanced Himself

  • I met a Cancer man online about a month ago. He immediately asked me out on a date and I threw a day out there not sure if I would actually go through with it, being an Aquarius myself. We exchanged numbers and he texted me sweet “good morning” messages the entire week leading up to our proposed date. The day before when he confirmed plans, I thought why not! He’s made the effort to text me all week and seemed like a really nice guy. And he was!! For the past month, we would text consistently throughout the day, make plans to hangout again while we were still together, he met my friends out and even asked me out for Valentine’s Day/my birthday. But things took a turn that night... Maybe it’s because it was Valentine’s Day but he started feeling pressure to commit to a relationship with me out of nowhere. When we had both agreed from the beginning that we aren’t in a place to consider serious commitment at the time. He said he saw a potential of a relationship with me and the more he thought about it, he realized he just wasn’t in that place right now. And he’s not the type of guy to talk to someone consistently and lead them on when he doesn’t know where he wants it to go or what he wants in the future. He was in a relationship for 5 years and she cheated on him and they’ve been broken up for about a year and a half, and admitting that it took more of a beating on him than he realized. Which makes me think he’s just not over his ex yet. He suggested getting together in a couple months to see where we’re both at then but should I even hold out hope that he’ll be in a different head space then? Or does he just want to take advantage when he gets lonely? I usually wouldn’t have a hard time letting go of someone after only dating for a month, but he was so many great things. I can’t help but feel like our time was cut short. And only bc the chemistry was so great and we had the potential to be something great too.

  • @Lynn5755 hello hope you are well..: have things improved with you and the man? His not by any chance a game ranger is he???

  • @Lynn5755
    Hi Lynn. I'm a cancer myself, and even though cancerian men differ greatly I know a few things about them(cancer men) since knowing one myself for awhile.
    One thing that's important is DO you think he is worth waiting on? .
    If so let me tell you from experience it will be awhile before he is truly ready. Somethings that might help is just checking in once or twice a week. Since you two left off on a good note I think he would grow fonder of you and more comfortable if he knew you still think of him and care. DON'T ever mention the relationship just be friendly and easy going. No pressure. If he doesn't respond after the first two or three text.. Move on.
    I believe he is sincere in just needing time, and if the chemistry was amazing. Why not wait and get to know him better.
    I'd advice to still date other guys. This will help keep your mind occupied. Who knows you might find someone better! Either way dating help with confidence in a situation like this. Cancerian men love confident happy woman. Being on backburner waiting around will surely be a confidence killer and can make you bitter towards him.

    Good luck 😊

  • @Summer92
    Can I ask you something? I hope you can help me because I feel really confuse about my situation.
    I have a boyfriend and he is a cancerian man. He is very sweet, thoughtful, caring and have a very great sense of humor. Everytime I'm having a hardtime about my work or any thing, it feels like, he also feel what I feel by that time. He is very affectionate and always makes me happy.
    I know from the beginning of our relationship, he is a type of guy that always need a space and he didn't communicate most of the time, because I understand that he is also busy with his own life. It's very common for him to appear and dissappear. But lastweek, we have a happy talked and we didn't fight, the next following days I didn't heard anything from him. I sent so many messages but he didn't responding. I don't know what's going on here.
    Do I need to wait for him or do you think we still have a relationship even I feel right now, I'm hanging. I can't sleep. This is the first time he' s missing for about 12 days now, before 5 days or 6 that's the longest.

  • @Soo I know how you feel, been there too. Mine was away for 3 weeks without me hearing anything from him. But then he came back and acted like nothing happened. Most of the time when they are having problems they retreat themselves. I am an cancer woman, and I have to say that now that I'm dealing with my own zodiac sign, I have realised how difficult we are. But you need to stop calling and texting, he will get fustrated and maybe that's one of the reasons he stays away that much. When things ain't going well with me, I don't like people blowing up my Phone. I just want to be left alone. Let him miss you. If he comes back oke, but if he doesn't move on. Do your own thing is my advice to you.

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