I'm lost with this one

  • I'm a libra. No idea about moon or other things. I'm older, 35 and working in my second degree. About a year ago was my first class with a cancer. He is 46. There are a couple of us older students in my program. I've had a year of mishaps in life that havent made it easy. Somehow this cancer went from being uncool to being accepted more. Something about he got in trouble for putting his hand on someone's back. I dont know. Last semester was the worst time in my life with personal family issues. I have a son and major family drama went down. It made me hard to focus on school. Well, I asked him advice one day for an upcoming show. I do on up and had a casino show. He not only gave me advice he made me a prop. To pick it up he left them at home and said hed go get them. I was secretly hoping hed just invite me over. We didnt. He came back and he sat in his car amd talked schoo stuff. I was tired and stressed. And I dont recall the details but he said something about a blow job as a joke as payback. I was so stunned. I'm not sure what would have happened if we had not been in a school parking lot. Well nothing happened and he said he knew I could joke and not get offended. One time he called me out I to the hall alone telling me to take down a pic of insta because it would be bad if it got out. Wasnt professional even though it's a private account. I was polite. End of semester he sent me a message asking for help on anassignment. He said he knew I'd be understanding. Well that's it. He does acting in plays and I recently sent him a message about a role coming up for a TV show. I told him I thought he had great hair and dimples. He said thanks for the compliment but he as too busy in school.foe a project like that. In valentines I looked cespoy. It was 11 below and roads were ice. I didnt look all pretty. I qasnt expecting him to be at the bake sale that our club put on. He sat by me for a few kind and I was so excited. I thought that it was magic that there he was on valentines. He moved away and we really didnt have discussion. It was us and 2 other guys. He talked but it hurt that he moved away. I think I got too personal as he got crabby and defensive. He said he had a valentine. Some woman knitted him this amazing octopus. He said it was essentially his gf. However in front of me he took another womans number and talked about dinner. My class partner works with him amd today she suggested he and she go to dinner. Out of nowhere hes got women coming out the ass and I want to cry because I want his attention. Today in class I caught him looking at me once but didnt talk to me today but talked to those in my group. Why does this man hate me so much? I hated watching him watched another girl walk and looked at her ass. I didnt think cancers were players. A year ago he told me he wanted to go urban exploring with me. I have a lot of feelings for him amd have no idea what happened or why hes so quick and curt with me. Is there nothing I can do?