Different Types of Communication

  • Article by Wendy Newman

    f you are a woman who yearns for deeper and more satisfying relationships, feels frustrated by countless misunderstandings, or struggles with finding the right words to express yourself and build connections with the men in your life, don't give up--communication differences don't have to become barriers to healthy, happy relationships.

    Whether your relationship is with a friend, co-worker, family member, boyfriend, or spouse, you can build a thriving, deeply connected relationship with the man/men in your life.

    End the Misunderstanding and Disappointment

    Men and women listen, process, and speak in different ways. Women tend to look for understanding and affinity. Men are usually pragmatic and direct. If you're sharing a story and he seems to lose interest, you might assume that he doesn't care. But this is mainly because of different communications styles: a man listens for the point of the story while tuning out the rest, while a woman wants to be heard - -whether or not there's a point. Men think a woman wants them to provide a solution while women are simply looking for sympathy and a sounding-board as they work through their issues. Men are doers and women are feelers.

    But men do communicate. They do listen. They are ready to encourage and respect who you are and what you need. In romantic relationships, they are eager to love, cherish, and understand you. Creating this kind of connection with men is easy once you understand and accept what makes them different - -and why that's a wonderful thing!

  • @TheCaptain
    My mate's communication skills are nothing like mine! I think if I wasn't psychic it wouldn't work at all. I feel I communicate for him sometimes. I know it is not just a male female thing because I do have male friends who communicate very well. Then again, many are writers. People often hear according to their fears and self esteem. In my own journey I can remember times in my younger days were, despite my intuition, I heard things that were only real in my head. It takes awhile to build an awareness to keep on top of that one. A good friend who offers another perspective when necessary is always a Godsend😇

  • They say a woman just wants a man to listen to her problems and give supportive comfort, but a man feels like she is asking him to solve everything for her.

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