Seeking Gemini Man

  • So I met this 32 year old Gemini Man on a dating website. We’ve been communicating now for about 3 weeks. The guy still hasn’t asked to meet in person. We text now and he’ll randomly send me pictures of him either working, getting a new haircut or doing something. He’s not very open, but idk if that’s just how Gemini men are or what. I sent a video of me to him yesterday and he opened up a little bit more but I’m just wondering if Gemini’s take longer to open up and want to date/meet. When we were still messaging on the website I asked why he was on there and he said to find someone to be his friend and eventually date and that’s fine but not meeting in person? I’m confused. Helpppp

  • It is true he only wants friendship and not romance. He likely is talking to other people as well as you.

  • My ex was Gemini. she cheated on me in a very bad way. I am single for the last two years. I'm tired of the attitude of American girls and now I want to have a relationship with a foreign girl. So next month, I'm going to Japan to spend my holidays. So I hope I'll find a good partner there. I wish to find a Sagittarius girl. But I don't know anything about Japanese girls and the Culture there. No idea how I'll find a girl for a date. I found an article that is specifically written about dating in Japan. what you think the information in this article is based on facts? Is there anyone who has experience dating there? or know about the most popular dating website in Japan? Are Japanese girls, believe in astrology?

  • I think it is too early for a meeting in real life. When I am starting a new acquaintance on a dating site, it takes me at least a month to learn something about this person. I am not ready to waste time on occasional meeting until I know this new partners shares the same values as I do. It is very important for me.