Can I get a general reading in regarding to my love life and emotions?

  • Can someone give me a general advice/reading in regards to my love life?
    About finding love and dealing with emotions in regards to love?

    My dob: 05/27/1994

  • @bluangel27 you can be an affectionate, seductive partner but you have a tendency to blank out anything that sounds like criticism, making you seem insensitive. It is important for you to really listen to what your partner has to say as this will make your relationship more harmonious. You are attracted to people who are as hard-working as you are (someone with a bit more money as you would like to be made comfortable in life), but ideally you need someone with gentleness to help you open up emotionally. Though you may often prefer a bit of privacy to company, you do feel the need to bond with other people. At the beginning of a relationship, you may come across as reserved and uncertain, but when you finally do open up you can surprise both yourself and your partner with the strength of your passion and emotional confidence. In actuality, you may be looking for substitute parents to pay attention to you and take care of you, since you may feel unsure about taking care of yourself. In fact, due to perceived past betrayals, you may associate the heart and feelings with pain and hurt, and prefer to think rather than feel. To the degree that you subconsciously expect betrayal, you will encounter it in other people and in the world. Due to a lack of self-trust, you may seek knowledge and wisdom outside of yourself rather than trusting your intuitive depths. So it's vital for you to develop a strong sense of trust - in yourself, other people, and God/the Universe. You have to stop hiding inside your mind's defences and learn to trust your own feelings and instincts, even if those feelings sometimes involve pain. Once you open enough to express your feelings and needs and learn to trust your partner, however, your relationship will flourish.

  • @thecaptain

    I know, I have trust issues. I’m trying to work on that. No sure exactly how. Are you saying, because I have trust issues I will attract people not trustworthy?

    That would explain a lot.

  • @bluangel27 whatever you give out, you get back. Believe there are good trustworthy people and they will be drawn to you.

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