Two card reading

  • Just in case you are not up to date with me I am am holiday from 20 Sep to 27 of sep 08 so this is why I am putting this down early.

    Thu 18 Sep 08 at 18:57


    Saturday 27 September 2008

    Some luck is coming your way and it may be the luck of winning the lottery or just getting new news about a new job. If you have exams then it may be that you could get a letter in the post about the news you would like to hear. But with the 3 of wands is saying you good luck may be to do with going into something new. But you must take the luck and do some planning or you must know what to expect as you may be showing others the way to go.

    for Sunday 28 September 2008

    The Heirophant Card 5 + Queen of wands

    Well this is trying to say that someone in like the police, priest or a boss is going to phone you, e-mail or you get a letter from someone. They are there to help you and you should take there help when you need it. The queen of wands is saying that you should try to be happy or you will be happy with the outcome of what will happen soon. But if someone helps you say thank you to the teacher or helper.

  • Monday 29 Sep 08

    Nine of wands and judgement

    Well I need to take a step out of the situation as I can then see something new or something better in my life. But with lifes up’s and down’s we can see better things to come or to share. As I'm looking for work and I have not had any luck then I could take a look at other things in other areas that could make me happy. If you are In business you can ask your workers what they think. If you are with a boyfriend or girlfriend then see what is happening in your life and the other persons life. Maybe you are drinking too much, you have had a accident see how you can get better at driving as it is never to late to learn more. But the Judgement card is saying we must judge what has happen at work, college or school so that we can be happy. If we have made a judgement that is wrong then lets not do it again. Maybe you have had friends that you can judge as good or bad but you can now see for yourself if it is working for you or not. But if something is coming to you then judge what it is going to do for you or what has it done for you.

    The World and the 3 of wands

    Well with the world in my hands and I can now do anything I like to do so I need to think of what I really would like in life. But if you have a lot of money you may like to go to some other place in the world and enjoy yourself. If you are looking for new things to do then go and try something new like a new sport. If its work or you are looking for work then something may coming up soon. If you are trying to find new friends or a new boyfriend or girlfriend then that could be on its way. Now with the three of wands we can see we need to do things in a different way and that is why he is on a cliff. You may need to plan something ahead of time and be looking for greater possibilities in life. Try to see what will happen in the unknown areas as in horizon you may find a new adventure to go on. Maybe you will find something you what or you find out some information about it. You may know what it is that you are looking for and now is the time to do it.

  • Wed 1 Oct 08

    The Fool Card + Ten of Wands

    We now have a new start or new adventure about to start and you have no fear of taking a new risk as long as you have an open mind. You can now fill your world with new things to do or to learn new things to help you move on for you new job. There are new experiences and challenges that you can find and learn in your life. But as you are not a fool you don’t sit around and wait for things to come to you as you take the first step. There may be someone stepping into your life. But the ten of wands may be a warning that you may take on more then what you should. So there may be more overtime for you to make more money. You may also need to put your foot down and say no you can’t do something if things do start to get out of hand. If you do need to take on more work then see if other people can help you out with it. Also make sure you do take a rest and don’t overload yourself or pay too much money at the wrong time. Don’t do things the hard way as others will help but it’s up to you to ask for it first.

  • Thu 2 Oct 08

    The 4 of wands and the hermit

    You are feeling freer in yourself now and you are now happy in your home life. But there may be something like a wedding, birthday party or just going out with friends for a day. But you may go into town or somewhere and see an old friend that you have not seen in years. There may also be someone that loves you and you find out about it or your other half will show you a good time. But it is about good times and having good time with new or old friends. But also with the hermit you also need to take some time alone to maybe just read or do some soul searching. If you do feel alone and can go out then find some new friends or keep you mind on looking for new things to do. If you are looking for work then keep looking as things well get better. But use the time to do some learning or going out with people you like.

  • Wheel of fortune 10 + page of wands

    With the wheel of fortune card there is some type of luck coming your way. So if you are looking for a new job, course to do or you are going to have some luck finding a old friend that returns in your life. You have your hands open to anything you like or need then if you can get it take it. But don’t spend what you can’t pay back.

    Now with the page of wands joining the above card we may there for travel to some nice place to enjoy the time away. But if you are to travel then make sure you can pay for it. But it could be a nice new home for you to live in or some type of new job to make more money. Then again if you like to learn something new then you should go for it and see what is out there.

  • Sat 4 Oct 08

    Knight of wands and the Sun 19

    There may be someone that is good looking out there for you, but they may be cocky or saying they can do things when they can’t. It may be a letter will arrive in the post and you read it to find out something you would like in life. But this card is also saying don’t take any risks or rash things and there may be travel to come for you. Someone may lash out it you or become anger with you.

    But with the sun card you can be happy that someone new is about to enter your life like a new baby, boyfriend or girlfriend. If not that maybe a new business or job to earn more money or if you have left school you will be happy in college and pass your exams. You may also see someone from your family or a friend may make a visit on you. So you will be happy soon if you are not happy now.

  • Sun 5 Oct 08

    Knight of wands and the Tower 16

    There may well be some news coming your way which may arrive in the post or you may get a phone call from someone. But don’t take any risks if it’s a sales man or rash into anything you don’t want. Also try to lash out at anyone or become anger.

    Now with the tower I can see something may happen like an accident or a tree will fall down so be careful and allow more time if you are traveling. Things may happen very quickly so this is why you need to think before you do what is right or wrong. Also if things are happening more fasted then you need then you need to ask for a little more help. But just look out for any accidents before they happen and also think before you move in on doing things like cooking, driving or anything else that could make something happen.

  • Mon 6 Oct 08

    The Magician 1

    You have new things to come in your life and maybe some new skills from School, College or Work. They may be a surprise for you so be ready for it As you or someone may have skills to share with others then you or this someone else can use them. So if they or you are good at selling things then help someone to sell what they like to sell. Or you may be good at teaching so do that. So good things are coming up and you should be ready for them.

    Now with the two of wands if you are selling things then be in control of yourself at all times. But you may also be doing some traveling to other places and meeting other people. This travel may be over water, by car or by train and you should try to enjoy the time when it comes. Also it may be that you could be traveling to see someone for a talk or to find work.

  • The queen of wands is saying that you should try to be happy or you will be happy with the outcome of what will happen soon. But if someone helps you say thank you to the teacher or helper. If you are not happy with something then look at what it is and try to find a way round it.

    Now as we have the High Priestess card there are going to be some secrets to share or there is someone looking out for you. You must try to find the right information as it is out there and if you look for it you will find it. If you don't understand something then ask and think the person that has helped you.

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