Could this be a potential person for me to have a love relationship with?

  • His birthday - 8 th of November 1989

    Mine - 14th October 1986

    Please tell me what you pick up , even about this person

  • @jana-star

    ok just for fun

    According to the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
    It's hard for you to get along with each other, since both of you are impulsive, jealous and demanding. Marriage can't help to build real trust between you. Because of lacking similar words each other, it's also hard for you to communicate. The male snake is intelligent, wise and capable with strong will, while the female tiger is open-minded, frank, smart and cares for others. The self-righteous male snake dislike his wife's bohemian life style, and the female tiger can't bear her husband's confusing attitude.

    Your Life Path Number Compatibility
    Your Life Path Numbers are
    12/3 & 28/1
    This is a very lively couple and there is little negative to say about this combination. The 3 is good at acknowledging the 1's accomplishments and stroking the ego. The creative 3 provides the ideas and the light hearted, anything goes attitude, while the 1 provides the originality and the push, making this combination one of happiness and mutual pleasure for a long time. Despite the positive aspects, there are some pitfalls they have to be careful about, but overall this is a well balanced combination.
    Your life path number is 3
    His life path number is 1
    92 Excellent
    you are Libra
    he is Scorpio
    57 Neutral
    you are a Tiger
    he is a Snake
    33 Challenging
    Combine compatibility
    61 Fair

    Maybe someone else can do a reading.

  • I feel this would not make for a good love affair/marriage. This guy has no real sense of humour. In matters of love, your outgoing qualities and his introverted tendencies can come into direct conflict. At first the relationship can thrive on such differences, but over time, this temperamental incompatibility may prove insurmountable. Your love interest may come to find you superficial and self-aggrandizing, while you may be unable to cope with his moods and depressions. Marriage is a big step for this relationship and should be considered seriously before being attempted. Should such a marriage wind up on the rocks, the two of you must be prepared for a painful breakup marked by agonizing on-again, off-again oscillations rather than any real finality.

  • @thecaptain

    Thank you.

    Yes I can feel this because he is introverted and I’m extroverted .

    I just so feel what you are saying.

    Thank you so much .

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