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  • With this new deck I am offering a selection of Free Tarot Readings
    Please add ONE Open Ended Question Begins with How, What or Why!
    and I will draw Two cards to answer this question looking at the Yin and Yang Energies of this question

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  • @hekatesxing I'd like to know what is between me and this man named John. I grew up with famous people. I just would like to know the course I'm on is going to happen or crash and burn. Ty.

  • @hekatesxing
    How can i help my back and my blood pressure get better? What can I do to fix my health? Why did this happen to me.
    i hope i did this right.

  • @hekatesxing
    Hi, what do i need to know regarding my current circumstances?

  • @tuliplilly
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    For you today we looked at what you can do re your health at this time?

    You got the knight of Pentacles and the Page of Pentacles
    Yin energy speak of being receptive to a slow and steady progress. this is not something that will hurry ....
    while the Yang energy speaks of action needed ...
    Page of pentacles speak of paying attention to ourselves ... the only action at this time is about being aware of what our bodies tell us ... This is about trusting your own experiences within your journey.

    I can not really offer medical advice as This is something that must be done through someone who is officially trained in that area.. A doctor ...

  • @moonalisa
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    Four of Wands with The High Priestess
    Today's message for you asks you take a moment to acknowledge what you have achieved.. this can also speak of contracts.. a union on some level, a marriage (symbolically) it can also speak of a happy home on some level... this is about being receptive, open to the possibility of a happy home, being receptive to a new contract, a marriage, a union on some level .....
    The High Priestess brings a sense of action needed by revealing the ancient secrets from within.. this could speak about a connection to your own psychic abilities.. the ability to connect physically with the Moon Goddess Selene ... to discover what was unknown ....

    Take care ....

  • @hekatesxing I would like to ask about my situation with an ex partner?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @hekatesxing! What will the outcome of my current plans be careerwise in the short run? Should I pursue an academic career? Thank you! Sorry for my English, hope it is enough.

  • @hekatesxing
    ty for your offer
    I put off being the first to take up your offer.

    working on what I want to ask

  • @hekatesxing im not asking for medical advice. Im just looking to see how long it will take before Im feeling better, when i can return back to working? Im sorry to, I probably should have worded that a lot better than what I did. I am seeing an orthopedic doctor for my back and I have a physical appt this week. We are going to address my blood pressure at doc. appt

  • @moonalisa There does seem as though the answer comes from within, so there may be a sense of having patience at this time. through finding the answer within.

  • @tuliplilly sorry I misunderstood you ... i still feel as though this will be a slow progress. this is something that can not be hurried .... this really is about you understanding your body and what it is trying to tell you overall ... being aware and trusting ....I don't feel as though there will be a specific time frame as other things come into play overtime. and in how you react. Take care

  • @lh866

    Wheel of Fortune RX and Ace of Wands RX
    The YIn energy asks that you be receptive to what was and what is right now ... there does seem to be a sense of things not being complete at this time ...
    Ace of Wands RX - there is a delay to new beginnings , the birth of new things may not yet come into fruition. so in being active it seems to be a period of rest before taking action ...

  • @alenabrz 0_1581890245830_readin 2.jpg
    In regards to Career ...
    Yin Energy speaks of being open to something that encourages focus , brings success, victory , triumphant over any decisions you are to undertake at this time. it also speaks of balance .

    Yang energy 6 of Pentacles RX ... This I get a sense of being selfish, doing what you love instead of thinking financial situation. it may mean a loss of salary over time.
    Take care

  • @hekatesxing thanks for the information! I appreciate it😀So I now I know its going to take longer than I expected to get better. I feel lile this will help me be more patient with the whole process. Sometimes I feel stuck because its taking so long to get better. When that happens I think about the things I can still do, and Im proud of how far I have come since this happened last July.

    Can i please ask you one more question? Do you see my boyfriend being patient with the whole healing process?

  • @hekatesxing Thank you for your reading!

  • @hekatesxing thank you 😘

  • When will I meet the man I will marry?

    super cool, btw. thank you!!!!!

  • I need a reading to see if the person is going to contact me or coming back into my life new reading for this month

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