Help interpreting cards?

  • I pulled 9 cards because I wanted to know how x person is feeling about a certain bad situation that happened. I'm asking about a higher up at my old job. cps basically investigated the daycare I worked at and i wanna know this person's thoughts. I was the one who reported abuse and that's why I'm out of a job. This person didn't have much power (i don't think) in getting me out. I just want their thoughts on what happened.

    these are the cards I pulled

    2 of cups (reversed), the world (reversed), 10 of cups (reversed),6 of swords (reversed), 6 of wands (reversed), the magician (upright),page of pentacles (reversed) , justice (reversed), and 5 of swords (reversed).

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  • It's not a very positive reading.
    Also please note I'll use the words 'alleged' and 'pereived' as there are obvious legal issues here.

    The cards suggest X has preceived you as having broken their trust and are not wanting you in their circle anymore (the job loss). Unfortunately forgiveness is not going to be forthcoming either, and from a business sense 'mud sticks' so it may make it difficult for them as a business to move on from these allegations.

    Nobody has come out of this looking good and reputations are damaged.

    Even though you spoke out about the alleged abuse it's now making you doubt your professional ability.

    There seems there will be no legal case to answer, however as I mentioned earlier reputations are tarnished. X's resentment of your part in this could actually make things difficult for future job references.

    I'm sorry it doesn't sound very good, with all those reversed cards there a lot that needs fixing (if that is even possible).

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