Virgo man ignoring

  • I am currently involved with a Virgo man who is ignoring me. He said to me after we had a date and have been hooking up for 4 months that he does not see me as more than a hookup. He also up until now would talk to me every day ask how I’m doing etc also we would talk for and hour or 2 when we would meet up about life and his childhood. He’s very attentive in all aspects. He has ignored me before for a week and then talked to me again like nothing. I know for Virgo men it says believe what hey say to you but it also says their actions are what matters. I am pretty confused and wondering if I should just leave well enough alone or continue to see him in hopes a relationship ensues? He said at one point if we don’t find partners that he wants to hook up forever with me. So confused.

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