Can someone interpret this reading?

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  • What was the layout position of each cards.. were the cards laid in a specific spread with each card relating to something ...
    I can give you some keywords but it does depend on the context of the question you asked and in what position each card was in ...

    The Devil normally speaks of addictions, chained to the past , stuck in an issue or situation. Repeated habits, patterns. Things you find yourself not being able to remove yourself from.

    Queen of Pentacles can speak of a feminine energy that takes care of others when necessary, nurturing health, finances, security on some level.
    This could be speaking about an earthy, down to earth , practical, physical type of person in your life.

    Knight of Pentacles- slow and steady movement ahead.. but this can also speak of a youthful Masculine energy that is earthy, physical, practical in his actions.

    Five of Swords -a winning situation that you may find not satisfying on some level.. This could speak of conflict, challenges, intellectual thoughts that are bringing a split in the group.

    Six of Wands - victory, success after battles, There is a sense of pride about the achievement already achieved, won the battle but who knows re the war...

    Six of Cups - childhood memories, nostalgic, thinking about the past, gift and harmony created

    Eight of Swords- Suppression, bound, blinded, needing to use other sense as you can not see clearly what is in front of you,,, feeling caged, trapped on some level, held captive.

    Two of Cups- relationship, give and take, balance , duality... balanced ,,,,

    King of Pentacles- practical advice, business opportunity this mature masculine energy arrives, earthy, practical man .

    Judgement - Resurrection of true self, awakening deeply from within.

    Knight of Wands- Hesitation, observation before diving deep into a situation.. making sure having all the information needed,,
    This youthful masculine energy is passionate, fiery, creative spark on your path.

    The Sun brings joy, happiness and success,,, It can also ask we find our vulnerable side. Allowing the sun to shine on the situation . There may be a sense of freedom eventually ...

    Take a moment to look at the keywords of each card and see how they join together in context to your question. what resonates with you at this time.

    Remembering Cups speak of emotions, love, dreams - the soul on some level ... Swords - intellect, communication, thoughts, plans, ideas, perceptions.. Wands- Ambition, passion, creativity, energy on some level...
    and pentacles - health, finances, security, material aspects of life...

    What colours seem important when you look at the cards?
    What characters seem to stand out? What are they doing? Does it resonate with you on some level?
    This allows you to reflect on the cards for you ... write them in a journal and take your time in meditation, contemplation ....

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