Interpret a Love Reading?

  • This was a love reading I had done on me in regards to a friend I like, and when I told them how I felt, they just told me they aren’t ready for that at the moment.

    But this was the reading.

    1. Queen of Swords (Self)

    2. 2 of Wands (How I see)

    3. Hierophant (How I feel)

    4. Hermit (Between)

    5. 7 of Swords (Person sees me)

    6. 8 of Wands (Person feels)

    7. 3 of Cups (Status/Outcome)

  • @flamingdesire
    Looking at this cards with some of the keywords ..
    Which deck did you use?

    Queen of Swords (Self)- wanting to nurture the truth ...

    2 of Wands (How I see) Choices to be made ...

    Hierophant (How I feel) Traditional, faith, belief, learning on some level.

    Hermit (Between) Meditation, solitude, gaining knowledge

    7 of Swords (Person sees me) This card speaks of something being taken, a sense of being sneaky, on some level ....

    8 of Wands (Person feels) Things rushing, moving quickly

    3 of Cups (Status/Outcome) Even though this card speaks of celebration, being with those of like-minded, expansion and growth.. does not always mean that things will work out as you expect them too...

    These are keywords for each position... overall I get a feeling maybe things as not as you hoped .. and to celebrate your own journey there is a sense of acceptance needed at this time acceptance of the truth of the situation,. even if it is not as you hoped. I get maybe they feel they lose themselves when they are with you. Like things are rushing by too fast...
    So this will be about your own meditation, reflection, contemplation and the knowledge you gain from this ..... Take care ....

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