My cancer ex boyfriend is jealous?

  • Hi all! I am new here but I have some questions about my ex boyfriend. He is cancer and I am Scorpio. We went out about 3weeks and we had instant connections. He asked me to be his girlfriend then a week after, his ex texted him then he told me he can’t date me anymore. I was devastated and heartbroken even we just went out for 3 weeks. Our connection was amazing.
    He kept texted me once a week just to keep me around. I knew he just wanted to see if his ex and he can reunite and make it work. Meanwhile I met a man start talking. He lives far from me but went to see him.
    Yesterday, my ex boyfriend texted me again and went to talk to him. He started to talk about he has problems with his girl who he went back to. But I told him I met somebody and went to see him. My ex immediately asked me if I sleep with him. I said yes. Then my ex started to insult me as I am a slut. I said you left me for your ex and I need to move on. He also said he was going to come back to me but he can’t anymore..
    I still have a strong connection to him and.. still love him.
    He said he won’t be contacting me very again.
    I had to move on from him so started to date other guy..... I don’t know what to do.
    I do still love my ex.....

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