Angry at my Cancer ex

  • Hi everybody. Thank you to whomever is about to read this.

    I was in a relationship with a Cancer man for about three months and we broke up about three weeks ago. He was the one to rush to a relationship right after dating a few times, and at the time he was out of the country. During this three months, I would say he was traveling half of the time we were together, but even then we would communicate every day. Everything was going well, whenever he was here, and he made me feel so loved and cared for. When he was out of the country he didn't get to the medicine program that he wanted, so he was pretty upset and stressed out about it, not that he expressed it too much. He also has some issues with his family. Coming forward to our last weekend together, everything was amazing and he even introduced me to a couple of his friends. He then talked about me meeting his family in a couple of months, when he is done with medical school. And then the next day, we were talking normally when he picked up a fight out of nowhere. I told him that I wasn't in the mood to fight for no reason at all. He then told me to call him after work, which I did. I called him after work and he told me that we should break up.

    I made him meet with him so I could actually listen to his reasoning. Basically he made excuses about us not being compatible. On Wednesday he sends a post on snapchat to which I ignore.

    Next week comes, and he sends me another post on instagram, something that I guess was related to one of our conversations. I got angry, and I confronted him by saying that if he wanted to talk to me, he should act mature and connect with him appropriately. He got angry, saying that we should not think of the past and we should continue as friends. I refused to do this. He apologized and said he will stop contacting me.

    Next week comes and he reaches out through snapchat again saying he apologizes, and that he doesn't deserve me. I confronted him about it and asked him what changed his mind from the previous week? He said that he thought about everything from my perspective and that he acted like a douchebag. I said I accept his apology but that I didn't appreciate him trying to say I'm sorry through snapchat. He then sends another post to which I ignore.

    The next morning he sends another text, trying to funny, on why we should be friends. I responded with how come we are compatible as friends but not as a couple. I also mentioned that he probably wanted a friends with benefits.

    He denies all of this and says that he won't bother me again. I then respond by saying that I was hurt and still had feelings for him. I also mention that nobody in the right mind unless they had been manipulating the entire time, changes their behavior from one day to the other just like he did. I tell him that in order for me to move on and date other people I could not be friends with him. I also mentioned that he was not sincere with me or himself about the reasons why he wanted to break up.

    He gets angry again, and tries to convince me that he is not manipulating me. He says that he never had a break up go this poorly and that he is trying to salvage anything.He also says that he has been having sleepless nights because of the stress of school, family and because of me. He then says that we are too compatible and that makes us very incompatible and that is why we couldn't make it work, as well give a few reason which I believe are a load of crap and excuses. He also mentioned that I hope you find somebody that makes you happy (which I believe to be sarcastic)

    I basically say that I am not offending him, but merely expressing how I felt to what was done and said. And I also mentioned that we should agree on something, that he never meant to begin a relationship but he just didn't know about it.

    He said that he agrees that he was not ready for a relationship. He said this is it. He has said this a few times though, for me to take it seriously. He will probably reach out again soon enough, to convince me into being his friend.

    Is this a normal behavior for a cancer man? I believe he is very immature and just wants me around without putting a title to the relationship.

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