Cancer man.. Aquarius/Pisces Cusp is he playing games? I should move on right?

  • Hey so not going to give a long story to bore you. I have a bf I live w/ but I believe he is actually seeing someone secretly. So I met this cancer man 3 months back at an event he hosts. We had sex, he told me he genuinely likes me, he holds me tight when he hugs me, he invites me over, COMPLAINS about me having a bf. Even though he knows my situation OR MAYBE its an EXCUSE.?? We will finish having sex and right then he becomes distant its like you can tell he is mad at the fact we just had sex??!?!?!? He says things like we can go to his events together we just cant walk in tg because I have a BF.. like rlly no one KNOWS HIM.. he never comes AROUND.... but yet he has left with me? He will diss me tell me I am a nobody, say I am happy to be in my situation of being controlled by my current bf , Just rude things that he knows will bother me. I have bought him a christmas gift, one day he was like I need some towels.. so I BOUGHT him towels the next day. I just like him so much and I don't want to be fake!. I love the way we make love god its so good... The more he and I hung out and made love he stopped hanging around me at his events I would come to.. why? Anyways one day we did it and right after he said we should just be friends because I'm too 'confrontational' he said if we could just have sex and chill and be happy it would be cool so lets just be friends... so i let him have it, but yet he randomly wants to call me and hang up, he tells me to come to one of his events but never gives me the addy... I text him pouring my heart to him he texts back the next day with one word.. DO I MOVE ON OR WHAT?! does he even like me? what is going on ? He has completely changed he acts like he doesn't even know me anymore LOL SO confused.

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