major rollercoaster ride....any advice on how to proceed?

  • so ive been having a fucked up back n forth 'affair' with someone for nearly 03 years....we finally tried to make things work few months back but something that he did in the months before came up n i called it off...he's a complicated guy (sco-cap[moon]), and im a leo [v moon, sco rising] ive always had trouble being emotionally upfront with him always prefer to give silent treatment and punish him bcos i'd rather do that than show him i am weak...we were doing long distance before but now we're i nthe same town and we're trying to make it work again.....whenever we talk about the long run he's the one who vocalizes his plans and says he really wants to be with me and make it work...but he's feeling a lot of guilt and pressure from our past and isnt making much of an effort to SEE me yet he communicates with me on phone perfectly fine. he cares about me and makes me feel wanted and i know he loves me and wants to be with me but its not enough- i want to take things forward. not surehow to go about this - am i rushing things or should i give it more time? its only been a couple weeks since we started trying again.

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