Virgo man FWB I want more

  • Hi,
    I have been seeing fwb type situation a Virgo man for close to 4 months now. I’m a Virgo woman and he seems so different than me. He has told me he only sees me as a fwb nothing more and is actively on the app we met on looking for “love”. We text everyday and when we see each other we talk for at least an hour before we do anything. During the act he is an amazing lover very attentive, we kiss, and he is very passionate. We do not ever cuddle but we always stay the whole night together. We always talk about his personal life past marriage and childhood. He had a pretty terrible break up in his marriage 5 years ago as he loved her very much. I want a chance at more should I take his word for it that he only wants fwb from me? Am I reading into his actions more than I should? I am confused. We never do couple things only talk and sleep together. TIA

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