Please help me I’m confused 😊

  • Would someone please help me interpret this reading?
    I’m new to tarot and reading for myself and finding it hard as I’m to biased.
    This was relationship spread for me and an ex partner I’m friends in contact with but not romantically linked to at present. (I don’t use reversals and I’m using the rider waite)

    1. where I stand in the relationship
      4 cups
    2. what crosses me
      9 cups
    3. where he stands in the relationship
      Kings of cups
    4. what crosses him
      Page of pentacles
    5. how I think things are
    6. how he thinks things are
      7)how things really are for me (advice)
      7 cups
    7. how things really are for him (advice)
    8. how our energies flow together
      6 swords
      10)outcome for me if I follow this course
      3 swords
    9. outcome for him if he follows this course
      10 swords
    10. results as a couple
      10 cups

  • @lh866 any help would be appreciated x

  • @lh866 said in Please help me I’m confused 😊:

    rider waite

    is rider waite the deck?

  • @jayann yes it is

  • @LH866 if anyone could help Clairify the last card the ten of cups?
    Do we move on without each other to happiness or together
    I’m confused as it’s such a positive card in a position that says if the couple continue down this road?

  • @LH866
    it is not about looking at the cards as individuals but as a combination with the other cards that relate to it ... so looking at
    3 Swords, 10 Swords and 10 Cups ....
    Together there seems to be heartbreak for you which involves things ending in some way for him so as a couple there may have been a sense of wanting hope and unity in the situation as you move ahead on this path , still wanting a sense of being a family on some level.... There may be a dream of what you both want, this may not be a reality though ...

    the thought about the 10 of swords for him could also be about him moving onto new opportunities ... and with you 3 of swords could be feeling betrayed on some level... so the fact could be that you both could eventually move into new relationships, new family units just not together as such .... but both moving ahead . into happier lives..

    Hope that helps, with some ideas, suggestions about what those cards may mean overall ... when looking at the cards look at how they tell a story together... weave the cards together...

    take care ...

  • @hekatesxing thank you very much that makes perfect sense

  • @LH866
    You are so welcome Take care

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