Taurus female/scorpio male

  • HELP! I have no idea where I stand with him. We met online. We became friends. I was not looking for a bf. I THOUGHT I was still in love with an old bf who came back into my life AGAIN. Then the scorpio man shows up. We hit it off. For 2 months we emailed back and forth. he knew ALL ABOUT the old bf. He even said the guy was no good for me. He joked a lot, which I loved. He kidded sometimes about him and me and sex. Well, now I know Scorpios are serious..but just keeping it light so as not to seem TOO interested.

    He said me and bff should hang with him and his friend sometime and they'd show us how they have fun in the city. The next week I invited him to a party I was having. I have NEVER invited an online friend to my house. He was sweet and funny, and sincere. I really liked him. I THOUGHT it was platonic. But was really happening was that I was falling for him...the REAL him. I only saw a head shot of him online. He was cute with a nice smile.

    But when he showed up at my house....and smiled at me.....all I could think of was UH OH. I had that feeling only ONCE before in my entire life. Not even my ex husband had that effect on me. That old bf did....over 25 yrs ago....and still did today.

    But this was different. It was more intense this time. Then he hugged me and I could not breathe. he told me I smelled good. I thought "oh god, he's another Joe(name changed)" We hit it off and had fun. I ate messy food in front of him, not being a bit self conscious. His leg touched mine while sitting in a love seat and I did not flinch. He had his arm around me for a pic and I just melted into him. I liked it. You should see the pic....it's obvious as all hell I was smitten. lol We liked each other a lot....and everybody saw it, so they now tell me.

    We had a few drinks, he got a lil flirty. All was good. I showed him where the bathroom was and went into my room to go online for a second. He walked into my room and fell in love with my huge bed and the cool decor. He stood behind me as I finished up on the computer. He was massaging my shoulders. I was thinkin "OH BOY". lol He asked a few questions about my stuff. He seemed even a bit nosy. But it was cute. he was interested in what I was about. I stood up and almost fell (tipsy, remember) and he caught me.

    And we just knew....we started kissing. The angels started singing. lol He told me I was a good kisser. He touched my body. My knees went weak. I was moaning. Yes, ALREADY. lol I was in a trance. So was he. Things progressed. All I can say is WHOOWEE! A day unlike any other. AND I NEVER EXPECTED IT.

    After....he said "I had no clue this would happen today." and he had the biggest grin on his face. I was still dumbfounded. lol

    We returned to the party and EVERYBODY knew. We could not hide the magnetism and the grins. We tried to deny it, but his poker face is WAAAAAY worse than mine. He was indeed a happy man.

    He called 2 days later (gave me a day to get over my hangover...I'm not a drinker..lol) He broke the 4 day rule. He called 3 days in a row, along with his daily emailing that we had already been doing for 2 months. And again he told me I was a good kisser. he said I was a wild one and he liked me.

    he emailed me while visiting his family for the weekend....not once, but like 10 times. A few days later we had a lil fun on the phone. hehehe

    I saw him a few days later. This time it was more intense. He even held my hands when we kissed the one time. He again told me I was a good kisser. He did everything right. He was so in tune to me it was scary. He would not stop kissing me. I swear I was kissed more that night than any 3 nights added together with somebody else.

    A few days later is where I screwed up. I was still talking to that old bf. The new man had even asked about him a week earlier, and said "I like it better when you are mad at him. : ) You should cut him off. LOL" ....always making it funny, so as not to be so serious.

    I had emailed the new guy and told him a funny story. Then added a text conversation I had with the old bf. I was still in denial about my feelings for the new guy. It happened so fast and unexpectedly that I thought "NO WAY." Well, I added that I sent pix. Yeah, those kind. I had sent 2 to the new guy. Old bf got 4. His response was "your email was too long. I stopped reading after a while. What the heck were you talking about?"

    I sssooooooo knew he read it all. He was pissed. At that very second I realized he DID like me, A LOT. And I had just messed up.

    Things changed after that day. I don't remember for sure, but I think the calls stopped. we continued to email almost every day. THEN I admitted to myself I wanted him. After a few weeks he changed his online profile....adding things that surprised me.....came right out and said he was a freak (not in those words), and posted sexy pix. He had gone 2 yrs with just a lil head shot online!!!! He did not NEED to advertise, so why was he???

    We got back in our INTENSE mode after that...talking sex nonstop at times thru text and email. We talked about places we were gonna do it. I had a sex dream about him and told him. It was freaky and he said he liked what i dreamed...he had it done b4. I was thinkin WOW HE'S A BIG FREAK! And I was lovin it....something new for me to try! We talked on the phone and had a lil fun again. hehehe We made each other sexy videos, and used each other's names, so the other would KNOW nobody else was getting that video. (yeah, he coulda made 50 others....lol)

    I apologized for throwing the old bf in his face , and then told him a week later that the old bf called and I had told him about the new guy. He was happy as a clam. His texts showed his emotion.

    The next week he snuck out of work and made up a story so he could see me during the day. After work (11-12 hr days, and sat.) he is just too beat. He is in sales so he faked an appt. I rocked his world. And the man grinned from the second he walked in ...and he was smiling as he pulled away. I bet he smiled as he drove back to work. lol I fed him too. He loves my cooking. I sent him with leftovers.

    The next week he did his man retreat. He still emailed, but only like one a day. I didn't realize but I was emailing way too much. He tactfully told me. He said he was gonna count one day. He said I must be bored. He still texted me back and had a conversation by text one day.

    Then, after I slapped myself silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to read what I had been sending. OMG I know better!!! WHAT was I thinking?????? I looked sooooo into him it made ME wanna run from me!!!!!!!!!!!! But he didn't. I calmed down and started counting. No more than a few a day. Then I got paranoid. He has at least 80 friends on the website we belong to. I asked myself...how many is he seeing? So I stopped sending messages altogether. And waited.

    The first day, by dinner he sent me a message . I waited til the next day to respond. he replied. I waited til the next day to respond. I was on the "one a day kick" .The next day he sent something funny to my phone. I knew he was expecting a different response....something like "is that a hint?" all I said was LOL. That was friday. I sent nothing after. He sent nothing. He may have gone home to visit the fam. He tends to do that on holiday weekends.

    I am not sending ANYTHING. I'm upset cuz I realized he is advertising himself. And that is NOT the man I met. HE didn't have to do that.

    I will have to have a talk with him when he eventually asks what's wrong.

    I realized I screwed up months ago and hurt his ego. And THAT is when he started advertising. hmmm.

    WHAT DO I DO TO GET HIM BACK ON TRACK......and into ME again?????

    Scorpios don't like being burned....but i didn't get the heave ho, so i think he still has feelings. But with a scorpio you just never know what they are thinking.

    I realized HE is the only one I want. I told the old bf I would not be a booty call. And I'm telling the Scorpio I'm disappointed that he feels the need to advertise....he will not get a woman of substance to take him seriously doing that. If i lose him than I know he was not THE ONE.

    But I can't help but feel there is definitely something btwn us.....I burned him and he still kept me around. Maybe I'm on the "we'll see what happens " list.

  • I have been searching out different information on the Scorpio Male/Taurus Female relationships and compatibility and came across your posting..... I am in awe of how very similar my experience is to yours.... so I had to right you and wanted to find out if you two are together again?..... My relationship with my scorpio has been through ups and downs over the last 3 years.... you hit on so many similarities.... I too have many questions and find it at times very frustrating to figure out my guy as well.... it's funny you posted your question in October of 2009 and this is when we went through one of our worst periods as well..... anyways, if you feel like talking about this, please feel free to email back... take care and best of luck ....... Roxanne

  • It's not so funny that it was in 10/09... that was when Saturn moved into opposition with Pluto, which is the ruling planet of scorpio. The hardest thing between Taurus & Scorp is who gets to be in control... if you can learn to submit, then the two of you will actually get along like peas & carrots. But he'll never demand submission like a bull. Scorps are much too cunning for that. I've had to learn to stop being so damned clever (& manipulative) to keep my taurus. And as the female, you will have to learn to give in as well... yes, every time! Or you can go on to some man who is weaker & won't be nearly so demanding! But do you really want that?

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