Pisces man

  • I’m in love with a Pisces man , he told me he love me and wanted to be with me also care. I found out two weeks before Christmas that he was still dating his baby mama. He said if he would have told him I would have said no. We are still messing around and we wanted have a baby togather. Some days he’s cold and distance. When we first started off he texted me every morning, now it’s like I got to start the conversation. He unfriended me on Facebook and said he doesn’t won’t to be friends with me on there. I told him I was taking a month break from him , so he can see how he really feels about me. I’m just confused and need some insights.

  • Hey!
    i understand your situation, but i have nothing to offer except hope, it is better that you contact some experts.

  • You and the baby mama are not the only ones in this player's love life. Run for your life!

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