Help a newbie ☺️

  • Would someone please help me interpret this reading?
    I’m new to tarot and reading for myself and finding it hard as I’m to biased.
    This was relationship spread for me and an ex partner I’m friends in contact with but not romantically linked to at present. (I don’t use reversals)

    1. where I stand in the relationship
      4 cups
    2. what crosses me
      9 cups
    3. where he stands in the relationship
      Kings of cups
    4. what crosses him
      Page of pentacles
    5. how I think things are
    6. how he thinks things are
      7)how things really are for me (advice)
      7 cups
    7. how things really are for him (advice)
    8. how our energies flow together
      6 swords
      10)outcome for me if I follow this course
      3 swords
    9. outcome for him if he follows this course
      10 swords
    10. results as a couple
      10 cups

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