Leo girl in a relationship with a Scorpio man for the past 7 months..

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    Well I got my Scorpio man when I was not looking for any kind of relationships. I was at a phase in my life where I thought that even though I was respected and admired and was counted upon as good friend maybe I was not the kind of woman you just fall in love with, and I had made peace with that. I wasn't looking for love. But yes...deep down I wanted a connection..a support... somebody who would stand by me or be out there for me always... even if we did not speak or text much... I needed to feel connected. That's when I contacted him again.... We were friends before in college.. somehow that friendship ended and we went our separate ways.... So this time, I saw that he was very cautious with me..and so was I... At the beginning of our 2nd time contact..I said that I did not trust him completely...and he was like that if you don't trust me then it's futile to have a conversation with you.... But I did not want to lose him again and I somehow made that work and managed to keep him in my life... 6 months later I visited my hometown and I met him. He then asked me whether we were more than just friends... Long story short..we started dating... And we got pretty serious... But I have to tell you... relationship with him is challenging at times... It's never completely smooth. Which I sometimes wish it was. But I love him... and few days back we were even discussing about moving in together after a few months... My family is a little conservative so we are taking some time before we can take that step...
    Overall, he's a good man and he can love... deeply. And very intelligent...😌

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