aquarius male is flirting, send help!

  • Hello. I am a young female Pisces with moon in Scorpio and rising in Leo who has stumbled across an Aquarius male. I just recently found out he was an Aquarius, and it appears that puts more of the puzzle together on his behavior. I’m more over familiar with female Aquarius but I seriously can not vibe with them after a few months of friendship because of their moods and tendencies, but of course I can easily converse with them. But my grandma is an Aquarius and she is like my favorite family member because there love is really strong. My dad has moon in Aquarius (gemini sun) and let me tell you, Im easily frustrated with him, so a male Aquarius trying to enter my life seems like a problem to me. So recently I met this guy over social media who I try to stay platonic with because I don’t want to get hurt, but he is so flirty. I feel like he knows nothing about me yet somehow is convinced he likes me, which I’m not sure if he is just playing a mind game and can easily leave the next day or if he actually is interested. Since this is over social media, I had no intentions of catching feelings and after some time I realized another reason being he has a detached personality. I’m taking responsibility for being a pisces with scorpio moon and trying to be friends but he seems persistent about liking me which confuses me. Today I opened up a little because he seemed mad and I told him that I truly am way too soft for him. In which he replies, “why would i hurt you?” and “i know how to take care of soft girls”. Like yeah he can be really cute but is it actually genuine? I don’t think he understands what he is talking about. I need conversation and honesty in order to really connect with someone, and if he acts detached or moody it just hurts. I heard Aquarius are bad texters, which didn’t take me long to notice about him, but we still text everyday, just not how I wish we could converse. When talking on the phone, we haven’t got too deep, but I think he definitely is more shy, though confident at the same time it’s weird lol. There is this one unreadable time where I’m convinced he was really mad but at the same time I have no clue. I might have seemed cold to him? Idk, because I try to stay platonic and aloof just for him but I think that upset him. He asked if I “missed him”, which he has a tendency to put me on the spot a lot, and me trying to seem under the radar said, “no”, but like, I didn’t want him to take me serious because I genuinely don’t know the answer. Maybe in reality I missed him more than he did me, or I was testing the waters as I still am. This happened while we were playing this game together, so he got quiet and didn’t say a word for a good ten minutes until I said something. That was strange, but he still won’t admit that he was upset or mad; he claims he was concentrating.. which isn’t like him. It scares me how he tells me everything in the same voice as if his feelings seriously evaporate into nothing. I don’t know if he’s lying, hiding his feelings, being sarcastic, or completely fine and making me sound concerned for nothing. I think he was mad because he left hints and was just acting different. I would tell him this and he would say, “this is me”, which is such a turn off for me or, “let’s just move on”. I enjoy caring for people and he makes it seem impossible like this. So I decided to be nicer and more open, so he eventually responds with, “and then i’m going to apologize for being a jerk” as he was talking, which kinda indicates he was in fact acting different.

    Trust me, I like when he says cute things and goes out of his way to show his attention is on me, but it’s hard to believe he means it all. He wants me to be more flirty with him, which is obviously doable, but once I open up I feel vulnerable and paranoid lol. I’m not sure if me holding back actually attracted him more but he’s asking me to stop doing that. I haven’t really told him what to do, which Aquarius like, but he has mentioned a few times he wants me to do that. He might be lying to himself, but strangely he wants me to get on his case.

    Does anyone have any idea how bad this is? Or have any tips? Thanks!

  • It sounds more like he is testing his attractiveness through flirting than being sincere. I think this is more about him and his insecurities than about you. Be very wary and careful! Your aloofness probably just makes him try harder to attract you and then once he has you, he will move on.

  • @thecaptain After talking to him everyday he suddenly unfriended me because of one stupid thing. It’s crazy how he is just gone, as I suspected to happen, which I find a good thing for me. He wanted to do this favor for me but in order to do it, he needs some of my personal information, and as a secretive person I just feel uncomfortable doing that. Information as in password, etc. He always asks me wether or not I will give it to him because he wants to do it for me and I’m ambivalent every time. I feel like I am always explaining to him why I don’t want to, and he blames it on me not trusting him, which.. kinda true, but at the same time I wouldn’t give it to anyone like that. He never really got so mad about it, but just as of last night he left. It seems every time we have a really good high, we have a really bad low. It’s mentally stressful and not a good thing for me. Just the day before he was messaging me like crazy and then when it came down to night time he kinda got detached. So the next day I go on a trip with my friends which he knows, and I tell him “I will see him around (:” as in me trying to lay off. For some reason he comes back around, his usual moody self, and that shortly leads to our conversation about giving him my password, etc. He said he didn’t like the back and forth about it so I was straight up, and he got triggered. He claims, “this isn’t going to work tbh”, “i think we should stop being friends” and “you don’t trust me” which led to “you were acting kind of suspicious and that doesn’t go with my energy so I had to unadd you”. Well as suspected, he did leave just like that. It makes me mad he keeps expressing that he won’t hurt me when he can easily just unfriend me. I’m always considering him and talking to him and this happens I’m confused but get it. I’m annoyed he acted like he could take responsible care of my emotions but in the end is the worst person for that.

    Does this mean he actually can move on without me and is totally fine with leaving? After talking and sharing somewhat of a connection he’s just out? Obviously him doing this shows he’s not for me and I couldn’t take him back after that crap. Thanks!

  • @neptune this guy doesn't care about anyone but himself. Dump him ASAP. He is using you. I see no good things about him.

  • @thecaptain Being with my friends during the time he left aligned at a perfect time and I’m accepting the fact I deserve way better, sorry but Aquarius are not for me.. never again.