Can you tell me where this relationship is heading ?

  • He is a
    Leo born August 18th 1977

    I’m a Libra born 14th October 1986

    He treats me very well.. he is patient and treats me great in the material sense.

    He is however still married and in the middle of divorcing .

    We have only kissed for now.

    What are you picking up please ?

  • @jana-star
    sorry no this is not a good match according to Chinese zodiac.
    he is a Fire Snake and you are a Fire Tiger
    "It's hard for you to get along with each other, since both of you are impulsive, jealous and demanding. Marriage can't help to build real trust between you. Because of lacking similar words each other, it's also hard for you to communicate. The male snake is intelligent, wise and capable with strong will, while the female tiger is open-minded, frank, smart and cares for others. The self-righteous male snake dislike his wife's bohemian life style, and the female tiger can't bear her husband's confusing attitude."

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