Please can someone please interpret this spread.

  • Your sister Home offered this free reading just before my birthday
    Spread was a 10 card Celtic Cross spread
    deck was lovers path I think
    I do not use this facility as I find the explanation hard to understand if at all. I only went there because I got an e-mail offering it.



  • @jayann said in [Please can someone please interpret this spread.]

  • @jayann
    can not see all of the cards ...

    The Situation speaks of 3 of Swords being Heartbroken, a feeling of betrayal on some level ...
    Recent past was 2 of cups _ a relationship that seemed balanced on some levels.

    Self 10 of Wands - speaks of you feeling burden, weighed down ..

    Challenges- nine of wands- the need to keep going, persevere ,

    The Advice King of Swords- Think deeply, analyze the situation. be logical in the actions needed to move ahead...

    Potential- Seven of Cups - options, lots of different possibilities available to you ..remember not all possibilities will be good ones..

    Hope that helps. sorry can not help you with the rest of the spread...

  • @hekatesxing
    thank you so much
    you have a brilliant way with words.

  • @jayann You are welcome .... Take care

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