Am worried about cards that have shown up, ideas please

  • Have gone through some bad times recently, which has prevented me from going out the house, seeing people and getting on with normal life basicaly. I have also been worried about my health, and didnt know if it was all stress related as im having panic attacks. But just as i think things couldnt get any worse, they do and the tarot doesnt seem to hold any punches, it always means it when it says it going to be bad. so i did an astro spread and asked if things would get better by the end of the year, only to find yet another mostly negative spread. the cards i got were, king of swords (aries) 4 swords, (taurus) the tower, (mercury) death (cancer) king of cups (virgo) 4 pentacles (libra) the devil (scorpio) 5 cups (saggitarius) 7 swords (capricorn) the hermit (aquarius) and the sun (piscies) any help much appreciated as ive only just started reading tarot and dont know alot about what the cards are saying..

  • maybe try doing a reading to gain insight to make your life improve? Ask "what do I need to know in order to improve my life?"

    and have you tried some anti-anxiety medication? I had to be on something for a few months when my life was falling apart about 5 years ago.

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