A reading, please?

  • Hi, I wonder if anyone could do me a general reading regarding the present moment and near future. Thank you!

  • Hi alenabrz,

    You have the ability to make things yours, if you work for it and want it...make it happen.
    Use your insight and trust what you feel.
    There is a woman who also can attract what she wants...a calm feeling about her.
    Tears and separation...a big fight.
    A turn of luck happens.
    A guy with a gruff attitude but has a good heart.
    Your able to break a chain...but it leaves you slow on decisions.
    Be open to new things don't hold onto things just because that is what you are used too.
    Caution on just worrying about you...be open to what and why...not just the poor me's.
    You can't see what is coming...things feel broken.
    There is a woman who is smart but can't be relied on... negative feeling about her.

    Hope that helps,

  • Thank you @TarotNick !