How to deal with this cousin

  • Hi,
    If anyone can guide me or give me insight about this situation. She is my cousin" AA" , in 2015 we engaged her with my younger brother. But after sometime we come to realize that this relationship is not working. Her behaviour with my brother was not good. My brother told me several times that she has bossy and too much controling personality, which is not helpful for relationship to grow. However I do detailed conversation with her and asked her to review things. But she didn't changed and continue to complaining, arguing with us on past issues. What's wrong with this relationship kindly do check.
    Cousin: AA
    DOB: 24 Dec 1996
    Brother: MT
    DOB: 8 Nov 1997.

    My younger brother fairly told me that he will not marry this girl.

  • Neither one of this pair finds it easy to communicate. AA can deplore your brother's inner intensity and emotionalism, believing them to be a waste of vital energy, while he can feel she lacks sentiment and sensitivity. This can only work if they completely trust each other and at this point, they don't. Not that they'll tell anyone about their problems, issues or disagreements. She seldom reveals her inner emotions by her outward manner. Neither are your brother's innermost feelings imprinted on his features, or exposed by his speech and actions. That’s why it’s not easy for them to fall in love. Both of them are wearing masks when they meet. It takes a while for these two to trust each other enough to remove them, and even if they do drop their disguises of protective poise long enough to become their real selves, to know and to confess that they love, they won’t continue to walk around with their naked emotions showing. The two of them are as practical and conservative about love as they are about everything else. Their romance must pass a stern reality check, and score high on a reliability test.

  • @sara
    LOL - laugh out loud
    According to Chinese Zodiac this is a nearly perfect match,
    "You are a mutually-beneficial couple that each takes what he/she wants according to one's needs. Both of you are satisfied with the combination. The male ox is usually strong and steady. Although he is inarticulate, but he is reliable and willing to be admired by his wife. The female rat is immensely charmed with the male ox and always arrange everything in the family in the way of the male ox's preferences."
    Your brother is a little young but is reliable, quiet, methodical, smart and have a good memory.
    Your lady cousin might have strong visual literacy and high adaptation ability to the environment.

  • Thanks for giving guidance. I am really sad why some relationship didn't work despite our efforts.

  • @thecaptain thank you so so much, you are doing great work, giving me precious advices and guidance on things.

  • @jayann it seems not working 😔

  • They are just two very different people. Differences attract at first, but unless there is common ground, the relationship will not last.

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