• Hi,
    Maybe it is not good to ask for relationship that parents share but it is really something that give me tension, I want to see them happy couple, on the other hand I feel something missing may deep friendship or bond. Here is details:
    DOB: 15 Dec 1956
    DOB: 6 June 1962

    I still feel it difficult to understand my father.

  • Your father and mother are deeply involved in the idea of giving their word and holding to it. Truthfulness, honesty and carrying through on one’s commitments are important ideas in this relationship. But misunderstandings between them can abound, simply because of the different way they communicate or see things. Serious difficulties, disputes and even partial breakdowns can surface over misinterpreted written or spoken intentions. Your mother's innate honesty and refreshing frankness can tempt your father to test his cleverness by twisting her integrity, her ideals, and even her love, with complex mind-bending games. This treatment may draw out in her some fiery, emotional scenes of furious passion, which your father richly deserves. She is warm, open-hearted, and desperately in need of both affection and emotional stability. But when your father is in a negative mood, he can be cruelly detached, cold and unsympathetic. They are severely mismatched - your mother is all passion and fire and your father has a cooler mentality. Since your father has two faces, your mother may have been very surprised when he showed his deceitful, bored, uncaring side later in the relationship. She may wonder what happened to the light, happy, tender, loving man she thought he was in the beginning. But your father can convince anyone of anything - until they catch onto him. Your father's lack of human warmth and his cruel and curious need to win every game of 'mental blackjack' he plays can play havoc with your mother's simple need for human kindness, love and affection..

    Your father is mentally oriented and has his own unique communicative method, a different language or way of expressing himself or writing things, one that is often not understood by other people and so he feels constantly misinterpreted. This gives him a disconnected feeling - of being different, isolated and cut off from the people around him. He can be stubborn and inflexible in his views, but he is also capable of compassion, vivaciousness, enthusiasm, and madcap humour. He needs to be able to allow his unusual ideas to flourish or he will become angry and frustrated. Yet, though he can be a real mover and shaker, he can take his ideals or vision to an extreme; this can manifest in unusual or even dangerous behaviour. Thus, he may often take his far-reaching ideas to extreme lengths, putting himself in danger in the process. through excessive overwork, but also endurance tests, dubious schemes, extreme behaviour, mind games, or other destructive acts. If family and friends cannot help, counseling or psychotherapy might be advised to help him get in touch with his feelings and understand why he has the need to push the limits. He should find some kind of balance so his more bizarre tendencies do not alienate others and isolate him from the rest of the world. At this time of his life, he will be feeling an increased need for self-expression and leadership; during this time, he may become more assertive and confident, taking more of a public role. It is important that he understands how his actions serve as a role model for others and that a more balanced approach to life will help other people relate to him. Learning to express himself with greater simplicity will help him get his point across. The relief that he would feel in finally being understood will encourage him to express his caring nature and, in his typically extreme way, his revolutionary determination to change the world.

  • @thecaptain thanks it is very helpful to understand him. In my childhood he was very caring but with the passage of time he changed a lot. Even he totally ignored us and give value to others, who take advantage of him.
    I always try to bring harmony between my parents and still it is continue. Again thanks

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