Have a date ... worth it? What vibe are you getting ?

  • Would love some insight please.. we met randomly .

    His birth date is 5th December 1983.

    Mine is the 14th October 1986.

    He is divorced with one child.

    What are you picking up please?

    Thank you 🙏

  • This can work as a permanent relationship such as a marriage or a long-term live-in love match - friendship not so much. This relationship will indulge in flamboyant gestures and colourful language, whether negative or positive in attitude - it will let it all hang out. Critical of snobbery and pseudo-sophistication, the two of you will pour scorn and abuse on those who demand exclusive treatment. Yet the relationship may itself be an example of what it condemns, since it may have little sympathy with the needs of the common man, and in fact can be quite selfish and standoffish if not checked. Hypocrisy in this and in other areas can be a problem for the relationship, which can involve a certain lack of self-awareness.

    Having some problems nonetheless, a love affair and marriage here can be quite exuberant and fun. Able to get physical without shame or guilt, the two of you can give yourselves wholeheartedly to each other. On the other hand, your unserious attitudes may eventually take you down a trail that leads nowhere, resulting in bewilderment and disillusionment. If this relationship wants to survive, it is essential that it question itself a little, examining its motives and making firm resolves about its behaviour. If the two of you decide you want a future together, you will have to make firm decisions and stick to them. You must give your life together more direction and better purpose. On the other hand, the relationship’s tremendous energy and positive spirit can invigorate many projects or activities that have gotten stuck and would otherwise proceed no further. Though you can become impatient with his unusual ways of doing things and he may find you much too bossy, this can still be an expressive, natural and energetic matchup. .Forewarned is forearmed, after all.

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