On and off feelings towards Capri man

  • I'm a Geminian who broke up with a Capri man because he's too busy and didn't want me to wait around. Spent almost a month crying and praying like 'detoxing' myself from all the energy, support, and prayers for nothing.

    A week after New Years Eve, he texted me back and wished i didn't mad at him or hate him and that he wanted to know how i'm doing. Now i didn't respond to his message because i didn't want to interrupt him anymore.

    Now it's almost his birthday but i guess i won't send a birthday message because i don't want to. But i felt like it was something forceful because i simply still miss him.

    Do you think we will have another chance to be together?

  • He will not change - Cappys also put their career first, and everything and everyone else second. You want different things and are basically incompatible.

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