I'm seeing lovely people on this site with good advice

  • Hi

    I'm new myself to this site. I admire the way people are responding with loving kindness and giving such great advice, for a whole range of different topics. So lovely to see the world is supported by some very kind people. What a joy to see and restores confidence in people!!!

  • Good morning Intrigued. This is a great place to come and learn and or offer an experience or your gifts. I have been reading and talking on here for about 8 months. I have met some very gifted people. Enjoy and jump in when you have something to say. Peace and harmony

  • Good Morning everyone,

  • Good morning

  • I agree...most forums somehow get contaminated with mean spirited people.

  • Thank you LibrasLair! I have been a member of this site for years, but only in the last few days have I joined the forums. They are so interesting and it's good to be with like minded people kind people. I look forward to lots enjoying more! take care LibrasLair.

  • intrigued yes I was a member a long time too till I found the forums about 8 months ago. I will you well, peace and harmony.

  • How strange, it's been 8 months for me also, and I also have been a member of this site for years...

  • Do you know anything about Spirit Guides?

  • Do you really think that's strange Myviewpoint? Nothing happens by chance you know that. I have been reading you informational in put for a long while. Or don't you remember?

  • Silana well you know the mean spirited one's are possible like that because ego jumps in there sometimes. We are human and sometimes I have been know to loose my patience on here also. Intrigued I would love to help you with the spirit guides but I haven't been able to get mine to come and introduce itsself to me. And I have tried a lot. I know its there because I have even heard a voice that I thought was someone behind me. And I turned around to look and I was alone outside on the property I was living on. The only thing behind me was my dog. I clearly heard you have never known a Taurus who was faithful. I have had message come out of me that didn't go through my thought process and said wow that wasn't me. That's all I can tell you. Someone on here can help much more so make a thread and see how much help you get. Peace and harmony

  • well i joined this site and joined forums almost instantly cause i saw the topics and stuff, just good hearted people trying to help people youve never even met before, it kinda funny though since im a sensitive guy when i talk about all these horoscope readings and i know what sign people are in when they tell me their birthday, they kinda look at me weird cause "guys arent supposed to be into that stuff" i can have really BIG EGO when i get angry but no ego when im not lol and it more funny being that im 6'5 big guy, that has to be the "tough guy' but really i could give a crap lol, this one girl even said, "i think your the only guy that can talk like you do and not be gay" i was like oookkkk.........i guess, and i dunno im kinda the only "real active" male on these forums, maybe not? i dunno i love to help people, and i probably have helped some people on here, so thats cool

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