Taurus guy after pisces girl advice

  • Hello, I'm a 50 year old taurus about a year and a half out of a 26yr marriage. So I really haven't dated since I was about 22. I've been working with a 46 year old pisces and have for several months had this feeling she had some interest. Our desk are next to each other and we probably spend about 10 hours a week in meetings together. For a long time when she would speak in the meeting she looked at me the whole time as if I was the only 1 there. She's always been very nice, sweet lady. She has asked other coworkers about my feelings and shown concern in that regard. I had for a really long time tried to keep it totally professional as a) I feel like I haven't the slightest idea how to date now (lol) b) in today's cultures I don't want some sort of sexual harassment type of thing. About 3 weeks ago I just had this undeniable feeling we had a really great connection and communicated very well. And I asked several female friends and they all suggested just asking her to go to lunch sometime. So I did just ask if she wanted to have lunch sometime. And she responded with "Always, put something on my calendar :)". Admittedly we hadn't really talked about personal things, I really enjoy her as a coworker and really wouldn't want to jeapardize that unless I thought something really wonderful would come of it. But it feels like she's been avoiding every since... I guess this is sort normal pisces behavior. I really just want to take my time with her and not screw it up.

    I'm very romantic and was really dealing with holiday blues so I sent her an email (haven't asked for her number yet) that just said merry Christmas and a picture of a little boy giving a flower to a little girl (yeah the 1 on every love related card). Did I move to quickly? I honestly wasn't even thinking about anything or even trying to make a move, I was just feeling romantic and wanted to warm her heart a little...

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