Will we have a future together

  • My D.O.B 10/06/1984
    His D.O.B 13/12/1981

  • @kate
    I have been experimenting with Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
    Using information I have found this is the result.

    60% suitable match. so there is a chance that It will work

    According to the information you will live a cat-and-dog life, since both of you have distinctive temperament and personality and are unwilling to make concessions to the other. The male rooster, a demanding perfectionist, is overweening and indecisive. He consider the female rat's excellence a challenge for him, so he always treats his wife with superior affection, indiscreet remarks and criticisms. The female rat is wise, infectious and zealous in family life. Facing the male rooster's fastidiousness and coldness, she can often gives him back tit for tat.

    You Kate being born in the year of the rat
    Rat people are often unrestrained and passive in love, so they usually choose their partners in a moment of emotional impulse. They are most compatible with Dragon, Rabbit, and Ox.

    Good luck and remember show respect, communicate, it must feel good, ❤ 💕 💓 💕 💕

  • There can be problems here. Truthfulness, honesty and carrying through on one’s commitments will be important ideas in this relationship. Yet because you Kate often have your own, highly individual language, and are likely to interpret what others say or write in an unusual way, it may not be easy to bind the two of you to a simple agreement. Similarly, this guy, who tends to see the larger picture, may dismiss smaller details as petty or insignificant when in fact they have considerable meaning. Thus it may be extremely difficult for the two of you to come to an ordinary agreement.

    Any withholding of yourself will not go down well with this truth-and-openness loving guy. However, it might take you a while to trust this man enough to be fully candid with him. His dual nature can manifest itself in varying moods, his likes and dislikes are very pronounced and he’s extremely susceptible to tension or disharmony in his environment, especially in his love relationship. This means he can be a little edgy, easily set off by your airy evasions into a fiery explosion. So it's no wonder you may prefer to keep some things back, and allow yourself to be called deceptive, rather than risk 'walking the plank' of his disapproval. When he expresses his disapproval, it can be brutally blunt and to the point, hurtful in the extreme. This sort of thing, after being repeated several times, can trigger you into sharpening your famous verbal weapon of sarcasm, all of which can cause the love nest to shake a bit, with you causing him to become mentally confused, and he, in return, slashing some deep wounds in your fragile emotions. So, you Kate are cooler emotionally than this man, whose nature is more fiery and passionate. Therefore, he may be the more affectionate in the physical expression of love - more in need of the touching things. You however would be happier if your minds touched more often - rather than sharing a fiery clash of passion, you would prefer to share a good old conversation about many topics of interest.. He is also very attached to his freedom and so getting a solid commitment from him may be tough. You are usually quite determined to get what you want - also exceedingly capable of getting it. The trouble is, being cursed with twin desires and dual motivation, you are never sure exactly what you want. What you long for on Monday may be faded and unattractive by Thursday.

    In marriage, where matters of integrity are of basic and vital importance, problems won’t necessarily arise immediately. Only when serious difficulties and even partial breakdowns surface will disputes over written or spoken intentions emerge. You Kate will try to hold this guy to the minute details of any previous agreement, while he will argue from a broad sense of the overall picture. These differences need not be irreconcilable as long as the two of you can agree on how literally such statements should be taken.

    A love affair is also likely to hinge on giving one’s word, often in matters of emotional trust. In love, promises made and broken may prove the sticking point - especially if the partner accused of breaking their word or sending mixed messages is this guy, as he will usually be the more dominant person. You can be terribly wounded when a central fact that you have assumed to be true is suddenly called into question or revealed as an illusion. Misunderstandings in a love affair are likely to be much harder to deal with than those between spouses.

    Advice: Try to stay flexible and open-minded. Literal interpretations may often miss the nuances. Not everything is as simple as it seems. I'm not saying this definitely won't work but there are some differences between you that must be navigated.

  • @thecaptain thank you x

  • Hello!
    I would pray you both stay together for lifetime.

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