How should one filter all the possible mates we meet without kissing all those frogs, rats, snakes etc?

  • So you are looking for a mate for love and or friendship?
    You are no longer young in age or at heart and you want courtship not the date, fling, hook up or affair.

    So the answer it to filter out the people who are doing nothing for you.
    Using your six senses figure out which are the most important to you?
    vision - physical attraction
    hearing - sound of voice
    taste -
    smell -
    touch -
    mental - telepathy

    Personality traits
    What personality traits do you find attractive and turn you on and which traits make you unhappy and turn you off,
    examples are:
    Absent-minded, Adaptable, Aggressive, Aloof, Altruistic, Angry, Approval-seeking, Assertive, Calm, Charismatic, Charming, Cheerful, Clever, Compassionate, Compliant, Confident, Conforming, Conscientious, Considerate, Contemplative, Courageous, Creative, Cruel, Curious, Cynical, Decisive. Dishonest, Dramatic, Emotionally stable, Empathetic, Energetic
    Enthusiastic, Extroverted, Friendly. Forthright, Gregarious, Honest, Impulsive, Introverted, Irritable, Kind, Loyal, Moody, Narcissistic, Neat, Needy, Nervous, Neurotic, Obedient, Open to experience, Optimistic, Orderly, Resilient, Rigid, Risk-taking, Self-control. Selfish, Sensation-seeking, Serious. Shy, Sociable, Tidy, Timid, Trustworthy, Understanding, Vindictive, Warm,

    Or maybe the identify one of the five key personality trait dimensions:

    Openness to experience

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  • Best advisor is your intuition.

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