Why did he come back into my life?

  • And old friend came back into my life last year. I was told it had potential to turn romantic. He was just full of lies. What was the point of if all? Is there a point?

    My dob 05/27/1994

    His dob 08/28/1994

  • Yes, this was never meant to work as a love affair. He hopes to emotionally manipulate you again, but the point is to help you bring out your strength and resistance to his charms. look at this guy with your mind and your intuition - last time you were sucked in by emotion.

  • @bluangel27
    good girl
    now what does your ideal mate look, sound and feel like.

  • @thecaptain

    Ah, I finally attracted a wounded narcissist, how lovely. (sarcasm). That date my friend saw in a reading about me and him last May must have been apart of his thoughts. In her reading, she said he thought I was perfect to him, I was different from other girls he dated and he likes that I'm sweet and. not about the bs. She also said I make him nervous and he doesn't feel worthy of me, lol. He was just sizing me up to be his next victim. He's such a Mr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. He knows how to play the victim very well. My friend said he has a hollowness to him, but I thought that was his depression and anxiety. He's right, he does have a lot of things wrong with him lol. At least he didn't lie about that part. He hopes to come back? He didn't think I was serious when I cussed him out and called him every name in the book by telling him his true nature.

    Captain, do you have any idea if he capable of astral travel or if he is spiritual savvy? Like does he knows I can do certain things (I'm still learning, witchcraft, psychic mediumship abilities) Just curious. I would have some odd dreams about him.

  • @jayann Well, not a narcissist. I just want someone who is attractive, a good sense of humor, loyal, understanding, and loves me and only me. That's been hard to come by for me. I keep attracting crap like this. Oh, he has to have ambition and a decent job/career. I don't think I'm picky. I'm not even looking for a guy to settle down with, right now, I am looking for a first boyfriend.

    Sheesh, it's been hard finding a first boyfriend. I just want to go on a date, get my first kiss and experience being in a relationship. I'm 25 and I feel like the clock is ticking.

  • To be spiritually savvy, you have to be interested in or care about someone other than yourself. And everyone astral travels, consciously or unconsciously.

  • @thecaptain Then he has no clue. lol. Thanks Captain for giving me insight about this whole ordeal. It really helped.

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