Reading for closure

  • I would like to know if I will get justice
    listened to
    with regards to an issue.

  • I got The Empress. So be focused on the Empress you are and all will be ok. The Empress in you is the key to have the be legitimated.

  • Hi Jayann,

    A pick up on your feelings,

    Your restless and worried...something that you once had joy in has turned.
    You can make your own happiness, you can achieve what you need too.
    There was a loss of a friendship...and a twist with it.
    Don't forget to breath, find the small peace within you.
    Your not happy and you need to stabilize your thoughts
    Things were not stable along with a misunderstanding.
    There is someone old who is willing to listen...a calming presence.
    There was a refusal to listen, it was not what you wanted to hear.
    The restlessness is moving from one thing to another...not focusing or finishing.
    You are feeling impatient and are wanting to see results.
    Which has lead to doubt and stubbornness.

    Sorry not a fun reading... I like the second can make your happiness, but learn what you need to from this. Stop and breath and be in the now...mindfulness... so the question to ask yourself is why you are unhappy...then take steps and set a goal towards being happy and let go the sadness.
    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick
    welcome back
    I noticed that you were quite for a few weeks
    ty so much for the reading it is another good reading which gives a lot to think about.

  • As long as you feel like a victim, you will be treated like one. When you feel like a victor, you will be one.

  • @thecaptain
    there is merit in what you said
    I have been trying to deal with the problem but there is obstacles from the start,

  • @remi
    ty so much for your help.

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