Met someone new.. what vibes are you picking up?

  • Date of birth is 18th August 1977.

    He’s been a gentleman so far...

    What are you picking up?

    He told me he is divorced with two kids and that his wife lives in another city.

    I have at present met his work employees. That was after our first meeting.

  • He's deep and intense and passionate, sensitive, imaginative and tolerant. But he can get too wrapped up in other people's problems. He thrives best in a nurturing long-term relationship. In relationships, it is important for him to be honest and direct, but although his sensitivity can make him tender and thoughtful, he needs to guard against escapism through over-indulgence or avoidance.

    A relationship between you can range from the relaxed to the stormy but will usually be dynamic. It will tend to be all or nothing - the two of you are either absolutely united or bitterly opposed to each other. In love here, the two of you may compete for the affections of a third party who might be enchanted by the attention but appalled at the level of combat involved. Your love affair can be sexually satisfying and show real affection but it may be also marred by serious power struggles. That is why friendship can be easier. Beware of ego drives and try to not let your arguments or disagreements get out of hand. This guy will always expect to come first in your attentions.

  • @thecaptain

    Thank you for the insight..

    Well I had a nice date , but that seems too much to take on.

    I’m not getting my hopes up.

    Gonna do my own thing, but omg I feel like staying single!! It’s too much hard work 😓

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