Capicorn women: what are their traits?

  • 20 Capricorn Woman Personality and Traits in Love
    written by Fitriani Olivia

    As an astrological sign, the Capricorn is symbolized as the sea-goat. They are born between December 21- January 20. Ruled by Saturn, the Capricorn is claimed as highly determined people. That quality is can be powerful in the a Capricorn woman.
    Capricorn Woman Personality and Traits

    Are there any other traits to the Capricorn woman? Indeed there are. The Capricorn woman has many traits that affect their life which you can read more below:
    1. Wise
    Being wise is a Capricorn woman personality and traits that she is most known for. In times of trouble, she thinks with a cool head and make her move wisely. This trait is closely related to fairness and kindness. Only a wise person can make a fair decision.
    Being wise is also one of the characteristics of a good leader. If a Capricorn woman is chosen as a leader, she will excel at it. Leadership is quite possibly the reason Why Taurus and Capricorn are Compatible.
    2. Ambitious
    Next is her quality of being ambitious. It’s the strong will to achieve something no matter what it takes. A Capricorn woman who has this trait often demands perfection. She will work very hard to get her dream and ambitions. Her efforts are above average. She stands out from all the others and she will do the most work as well.
    3. Practical Thinking
    Practical thinking means doing things in the most efficient and simple way. A Capricorn woman focuses on what’s in front of her. She is not occupied by wishful thinking because she likes to think about things that are realistic. She will work hard to achieve it. It’s not always easy, of course, but giving up is not in her character.
    4. Responsible
    A Capricorn woman is has a sense of high responsibility. She’s honest and she never expects to receive anything in return. This woman won’t mind carrying all the responsibility from the work that she is appointed to do.
    The risks will not deter her because she’s brave enough to face them. She is not afraid to be held responsible for the result of her work, whether it turns out good or bad. As a mother, she will be the one who will carry the most responsibility in the family. Get to know the ways a Capricorn woman will behave in How Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship.
    5. Patient
    Another Capricorn woman personality and traits in life is being patient. This can be seen in the most troublesome times. It’s not the easiest thing to do in the world, as a person might have to learn the right way to be patient for the rest of their life. But it comes naturally to a Capricorn woman. It drives her to be a motivated woman who does not give up easily.
    6. Independent
    A Capricorn woman is independent, a trait she shares with the Aquarius. It makes her a hard worker who relies on no one but herself. She does not like to be tied down as she feels more comfortable given a complete freedom.
    A Capricorn woman finds it okay to work alone, far from friends or family because she knows how to take care of herself. She believes in herself and thinks that others should too.
    7. A Loyal Friend
    As a friend, a Capricorn woman is loyal. She’s a good friend that anyone can rely on. Through the good and the bad days, you can always count on a Capricorn woman to be by your side.
    She will never betray her friends by lying to them. She’s trustworthy and willing to help her friends who are in trouble. For all that, she is so admired by her female friends and often praised for her loyalty. It’s good to know the Zodiac Signs Best Friend Compatibility to know which zodiac a Capricorn woman is compatible with.
    8. A Bit Bossy
    Unfortunately, a Capricorn woman can be a bit bossy at times. This is all due to her being independent and ambitious. Her bossiness can appear when she must work within a group of people. She might have demands and want things to be done in certain ways.
    9. Optimistic
    A capricorn woman is optimistic. She does not dwell too much on the negative side of things. She will acknowledge them but move on to the positive thoughts. A capricorn woman doesn’t believe that focusing on the negatives will bring good results. Being optimistic, on the other hand, will motivate her and also cheer her up.
    10. Good at Self-Control
    This particular Capricorn woman personality and traits is an important one as it basically shapes most of her character. She is very good at controlling herself. It’s one of the Reasons Why Capricorns are the Best Lovers as self-control can minimize arguments.
    One of the things that she can do is control her emotions. Not a lot of people can do that but to a Capricorn woman, it’s easy. No wonder she is patient in many situations and frequently chosen as the leader.
    Other Capricorn Woman Personality and Traits
    The following personality and traits can also be seen in a Capricorn woman.
    She is confident with herself.
    She loves a good sense of humour when interacting with people.
    She spends a lot of time exercising as her health is one of her top priorities.
    A Capricorn woman may become very shy.
    She is disciplined as that will help her reach her goals.
    She is less likely to listen to other people’s opinion because she’s stubborn.
    She can be moody in her bad days.
    A Capricorn woman gives out good advice for those in need.
    She prefers to be alone rather than surrounded by people.
    She has high interest in the arts such as music or painting.
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    Those are some of the personality and traits in a Capricorn woman. Some are good while some are bad. They mold her as a person but they don’t define who she is. As a Capricorn woman continues to grow in her life, she may have some slight changes in her personality.

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