Are you Compatibile with your love

  • We all know about Horoscope love compatilibiity and numerology love compatibility but did you know about Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility?
    Well have a go - Chinese - Horoscope -Numerology

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    mdob 18/01/58 hdob 04/11/56
    Chinese Zodiac
    Conflicts will be more than cooperation in your marriage life. Both of you are ambitious, realistic and competitive. Every time when the male monkey is self-satisfied, the female rooster will make critical remarks and inquire into the root of the matter. This makes the male monkey very annoyed. The female rooster considers her husband a tramp who is too aloof and indifferent
    What’s the best thing about the Scorpio-Capricorn love match? Their determination toward shared ideas and their strong devotion to one another. They can open doors to one another’s souls and show one another new ways of perceiving and feeling.
    Life Path numbers 6 and 9 have a lot in common. First, they respond to the needs of others, whether those needs are physical, emotional, or spiritual. However, the 6 tends to focus on the needs of family while the 9 tends to focus on all of mankind. Compatibility between the 6 and 9 is strong -- both are self-sacrificing, caring people. While 6 is more practical, though, 9 is more idealistic. Still, love and a strong sense of justice unite these two. If they acknowledge their shortcomings and their potential dark sides -- 9s must be careful not to be too arrogant or self-righteous, and 6s must be careful not to criticize others who think differently -- these two can strike a harmonious balance, a relationship of giving and generosity. Together, these partners form what is certainly one of the best possible Life Path number combinations for each other and for the community at large.

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