Will I ever find true love and have a family?

  • I have been hurt so badly in love. Just left my ex narcissist who could not control his temper. He was always cursing and threatening me down the phone. I feel scared to give my all again in the future. Is someone genuine and loyal ever gonna come my way? Will I have a family ? I would love to be a mom. Just feel so down regarding love.

    Insight would be much appreciated please.

    Thank you

  • Hi Jana, i am not a psychic nor can i read tarot, just wanted to say a few words... don't let your ex do that to you. He just cannot accept the fact that you've decided to follow your own path and that you don't want to play his game. Of course you will find love, of course you will be happy if only you let yourself have it in your life. Some time ago you put your and your ex's picture on this site and you are really beautiful so don't worry so much, just limit the contact with this guy or better get him out of your life and start new, better life without him. Just my two cents... wish you luck Jana. 🙂

  • You just need to trust your intuition and not allow yourself to dive into a relationship on emotion only. Take your time - people show you who they are by how they treat you and other people, not by their words. Observe someone before getting too involved.

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