Will this person leave me alone?

  • My ex - birthday 25th March 1986
    will not leave me alone. He is stalking me on social media and leaving explicit nasty comments.

    Will be leave me alone because I don’t want to go down a legal route.

    He can’t take it I walked away as he is a narcissist. He is stalking me and blaming me. He is saying I have cheated and I never did when I was with him. What next? What do you pick up please?

  • Your ex will have his hands full this year - he is in for a few shakeups and sudden dramatic changes so his attention will turn to his own life and away from yours. It is his uncontrollable temper and sense of frustration that is making him try to punish you but like I said, 2020 will be his wake-up call.

  • @thecaptain
    Thank you for your insight. It has been awful. He insults me , tells me I will never find anyone and I will end up alone . I think if I never listened to experts in narcissistic abuse then I don’t think I would be here. He put me down and still continues to do so. I blocked him everywhere, but he is now attacking me on social media..

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