How is he feeling?

  • I am very interested in a guy (not dating) who is very back and forth with showing how he feels. One day he's friendly, the next day ignors me or seems uninterested, another day I catch him staring at me??? I did a 6 card love spread to look into the situation (why he is so back and forth with his emotions or whats going on) and came up with this....

    1 Ace of cups (situation)

    2 Heirophant (crosses Ace of cups for bases of situation)

    3 Empress (distant past)

    4 2 of wands (recent past)

    5 Death (near future)

    6 Magician (outcome)

    I am boggled as to how to predict this one acurately but I know the ace of cups usually stands for emotions, or the beginning of something (love) and Heirophant is comforming to ideas, or being dedicated to a task (or someone) Death is obvious but death of what? And the Magician I know that Magician and 2 of wands are very simular weilding power, so in the past I (who is creating the power here?)

    Can I get help please?

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