Which deck for starting out?

  • Hello all,

    I am pretty new to tarot cards but have became interested after I got a reading off someone using them. I have been looking online but so much choice. I know where I am going to buy them from(this site as I have a voucher to use lol) but could anyone suggest which deck would be the best for me to get as a first one obviously for ease.

    The choices are


  • @thecurious
    There are many amazing deck.. I know many people suggest working with Rider Waite Smith Type Tarot deck (there are many variations on this deck) ..
    For me I started with Native American Tarot by Magda Weck Gonzales...

    I checked out the site ... If you want a deck similar to the RWS in a way most of the decks except for 1JJ Swiss as that is more tarot de Marseille type deck (if you want to see the cards check out the tarot decks on this site ... as it will give you images of all the cards in a deck... )
    The Vision Quest Tarot deck (Native American) has words on the bottom which can add to a reading if you wish...

    Angel tarot - Has sentences on the bottom of the cards and they work with the elements instead of the normal RWS suits ... but is an excellent deck to work with if you want to connect with the Angel energy , very gentle type deck to start with.

    The Akashic Tarot is not a traditional Tarot deck with only 62 cards in the deck do not recommend if wanting to learn Tarot in a traditional sense.

    Other than that ...any of the other Tarot decks you may feel drawn to imagery wise.. Google the images ....feel what appeals to you .... I find comparing some of the cards can help ....

    Hope that helps Take care ...