I asked a question about death...

  • And I pulled out 3 cards, they were The Wheel of Fortune, The Tower and the Six of Pentacles. Can anyone help me interpret this reading, please? I think I can see the significance, but I am a total novice. Thanks in advance.

  • @lottie1
    What Tarot deck did you use?

    Wheel of Fortune speaks of life's ups and downs ... an acceptance of what is...
    The Tower can speak of things that seem to be crumbling all around us ....
    Six of Pentacles speak of giving without expectation....

    Hope that gives some thoughts ...

  • The question was about Death and the 2 first cards are clear but the Six of pentacles can also speak about some balanced life. Balancing the material life could be an advice about the Death question.

  • Dear Lottie1

    I was intrigued by your question of the Cards.

    You asked Them about death, and They presented you with the Wheel of Fortune; The Tower; and the Six of Pentacles.

    I sense your question of the Cards was borne from either a near-miss situation (either involving you or you were curious or concerned about someone you knew); or your own sense of immediacy/mortality (were you in danger; a precarious place; were you embroiled in or contemplating becoming involved in something you felt carried inherent risks; perhaps was downright dangerous)? This doesn’t mean to say that whatever you were thinking was nefarious – it could pertain to a business venture, but your gut was ringing out loud with warning bells; perhaps it was even a hedonistic foray, i.e., something entirely ‘out there’ and untried).

    Whether you were asking the Cards from an imminent (what if?) point in time, or were asking from a current (I’m in this situation, what is going to happen?) point in time, the Cards acknowledged your situation or the relevance of your question about the likelihood of the outcome (through the Wheel of Fortune).

    You were either being given a stark warning through The Tower (because it was proceeded by the Six of Pentacles) to make immediate choices and changes; or, if you did not take heed and remained on your then present course, and experienced the turmoil and chaos (in whatever guise) from The Tower and may still be trying to pick up the pieces and get back on your feet – mentally or physically.

    I hope your question was a ‘what if’ question, and all is well in your sphere.

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