Capricorn man confused about his feelings?

  • I was previously in the talking stage with a capricorn man until he admitted that he was going through things and although he liked me he didn’t want to hurt me. he also told me he was confused about his feelings. I didn’t want to pressure him or make him feel guilty so i told him it was okay and i hoped we could still be friends although i was actually quite hurt.

    We are set to meet soon which was supposed to be a date but it is now just a “first time meeting a friend” kind of date instead. However, he keeps saying that on the date we could see how we both feel and maybe go on from there but i declined and said we could just stay friends.

    I really like him but i’ve been in an in and off relationship previously and it hurt me a lot so i didn’t want it to be the same thing.

    I’ve sent him messages letting him know i’m there for him since he’s going through things and etc but sometimes he doesn’t even respond so i feel like maybe he doesn’t like me anymore or he’s talking to someone new?? I’ve never been with a capricorn before so any advice or information on what they’re like would be helpful. I’m a cancer woman btw!