Im so hurt and angry, the turmoil of a virgo man

  • We dated for 4years. he still had feelings for his ex and went back “in that door”. I reacted ugly and we didn’t speak for 5 months. He contacted me and we started back seeing each other. he was seeing us both. According to him he is single. I guess not cheating yet I’m sure shed say otherwise. So I go with the flow I have feelings for him. 9 months in and he is still seeing the both of us. He played as if its not like I think with them and he claims if it was all that with her then he wouldn’t be with me and that he isn’t going to be in what he is in with her for too much longer. I call BS and need to walk but it is so hard for me to do so. He down plays them as I’m sure he had always down played us when we dated the previous 4years. He also says she wants more of them and her ways is why she wasn’t his woman before and for that same reason she isn’t now. I did research and found out she went on vacation with him and his family(Sibling, nieces, nephew and his adult daughter). Up to the day he tried to downplay them even not telling me about her going, he even wanted to spend the night with me before the trip. He didnt because I brought up his family trip and he tried to make it seem as if I was picking a fight. I only asked when was he leaving. Through investigating it turns out he was leaving the following morning. The nerve to have wanted to spend the night with me which he had already 2 days prior. How could we talk for hours after work until bedtime several nights a week and he is over 1 or 2 nights a week. As if he is single, the past 9 months. How could he come back in my door to hurt me all over again. Aside this rollercoaster love relationship we had a good freindship. Weve always been each otehrs go to, shard everything seen each other at our bes t and worse. He calsims she hasnt seem him at that and that Ive the only womane he has been vulnerable with not even his ex wife see all f him as I had nor the ex gf that is the topic of this post. I dont know how to be freinds with him after this and I hate to lose him as such yet I cant watch him be with her if thats his route. Nor am i recpetive to her not knowing that he and I are freinds, i feel if I was as impportant as he calims then I shouldnt be a secretnot even our freindship.
    I’m so angry and hurt that I’m tempted to # 1ask her what is their involvements and #2 tell her what he has been up to.
    Most of all why am I wishing he was with me knowing he is a cheat and would have had no problem spending the night with a another woman before their trip.

  • @ginger92
    you are not alone.

  • @ginger92 Im 😭 so hurt.. can’t stop crying.. I met a Virgo man about 4 months ago.. he charmed me.. I fell in love with him. He would greet me early in the morning with lovely text messages.. he’d call me all the time.. I’m married he’s married.. we both agreed we was not happy in our marriages. We starting meeting .. got involved.. he said no woman ever made him feel the way I did. Then suddenly.. the texting and phone calls statrted to subside. I can tell when he was lying.. I’d go to his job.. he’d telll them to say he wasn’t there.. he just became this cold malice person towards me.. how can this man that said he loved me so much turn so cold?? He tote my heart out.. I’m devasted.. heart broken, Cathy

  • @ginger92 I recently ended a 6 year relationship with a Virgo guy. I caught him cheating. Cheating is definitely a deal breaker for me. I have since permanently blocked him from calling or texting me. The only reason why this Virgo guy who cheated on you wants to be your friend is because he thinks that he'll get to have sex with you when it's convenient for him to do so! You deserve so much better! Save yourself and cut tithes with this Womanizer and cheating Virgo guy like yesterday!

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