Universal surprise gifts

  • I've been so deep in meditations lately and over the past three years have had absolutely incredible changes in my life...abundance galore, I can't help but see it everywhere and it's beautiful. Today I was walking by my house and there was this cut rose laying by my neighbors fence (no real reason it would be there so it was a bit odd). I thought it was a fake rose because it was greenish, not white, and it was (is) perfect. I walked by it a second time and decided to go back and pick it up, it was real! This absolutely PERFECT rose. I wanted to share just a little bit of love that I"m sending to you through the universe, like this gift was shared with me <3! ![0_1577750875340_IMG_2834.jpeg](Uploading 6%) Welp, I'm not able to contrain it enough to share but know I tried. 🙂

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