New Purchase ...Will do some one card readings.

  • Got some money for Christmas, when shopping with my daughter and could not resist buying Mists of Avalon Oracle deck .... 0_1577683846035_mists of Avalon oracle.jpg

    Got the Thai Buddha and Geode also ....

    OK for the next few days I will do a One card reading with this deck as an introduction .....

    Please all I will need for this reading is a Number ... it will not be the card number but a number I will focus on between 1-20 that will specific for you in the moment ... (No questions please ) ....

    This will be "What advice will the cards have for you today? "
    I will focus and draw one card and share the insight ...

    Look forward to beginning these tomorrow .... .may take some time , please be patient ...

  • ❤ Love this. Thank you!!! Number 13

  • Thank you @hekatesxing ! My number is 16.

  • @gladyouwroteme
    Ok focusing on this number .... The Sacred Grove flew out ...
    This card speaks of Nature bringing with it Longevity, a sense of renewal and maybe feeling like you may need some protection at this time... at this time you may feel a little threatened, maybe feeling as though you are vulnerable to a situation. This card can also remind us to spend more time out doors, as it may feel a little impossible to do at this time. You are scratching at the idea to be a little more outdoorsy , be at one with Nature, spend time going for a walk, meditation and relaxation outside. This card can speak of a long period of time that something will take to arrive, to feel completed ..... To have patience is of value to the journey....

    0_1577757012219_extra 08.jpg

    This thoughts are without looking at the book but from the words on the card and how it felt as I thought of you .... Hope it helps on some level .. take care

  • @alenabrz
    For you Guinevere arrived bringing you a sense of Love ,,
    this card can speak of self love and love of others within your journey ... Guinevere also speaks of exploring your sexuality on some level, exploring your feminine power .. the energies that lie within... being receptive and nurturing to self... Seeing an inner beauty of self and others ....
    This card can remind us to open ourselves up to new levels of awareness within our own Sexuality , our own love and beauty .... maybe this is a moment when working with The Goddess energy will bring you clarity to a situation ... Working with the Essence of Guinevere will awaken the feminine Power that lies within self ....
    take care and Blessed Be!

  • @hekatesxing Number 7, and thank you.

  • @bluangel27 0_1577761935617_35.jpg

    The King of The Faerie Realm
    arrives to ask you about the journey you are about to take... maybe you have gone through what appears as a death and rebirth, one of transformation. A journey of Renewal ..
    have you made travel plans or returned from travelling?
    This is about your own personal power.. the strength that lies within you . I do not mean just a physical strength but a self empowerment that you have gathered from within to endure even the most difficult of journeys you have had to move through... it may have been a journey of struggles and conflict and yet you have survived with such stamina, a strength that is beyond what is thought possible .....

    There is truly a sense of renewal, rebirthing from within!

    take care Blessed Be!

  • Hi could I have a reading please?

    I want to know if my ex will leave me alone ? Birth date is 25th of March 1986. I have stopped contacting him.

    I found out his true self from his cousin. His cousin’s birth date is 5th April 1986. I speak a lot to his cousin now. What is our fate please?

    I kindly appreciate your insight.

    Thank you 🙏

  • @hekatesxing beautiful, thank you! spot on actually, in all aspects!

  • @jana-star Please reread the instructions for doing a reading with this deck .. I am doing a one card draw ....

  • @gladyouwroteme
    You are so welcome ... thank you for your feedback ...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @hekatesxing Perhaps, a spiritual journey? I am waking up to my spiritual journey. I'm learning tarot and how magick works. I've been through a lot in life both emotionally and physically. I think it's funny that you pulled The King of the Faerie Realm for my card because I got into spirituality by being interested in the faerie world first.

  • @hekatesxing my apologies I’m home and a bit tipsy.. okay what card do you draw for myself and the cousin please? His birthday is 5th April 1986

    Thank you

  • @jana-star
    All I need is a number from You for your reading ... between 1-20 .... no birthdays and no third party readings .. One card per person

  • @hekatesxing
    7 was my number today please

  • @jana-star
    Okay am back and The White Spring Card flipped over for you

    ... 0_1577765169732_05.jpg

    This card asks us to think about our own protection, it speaks of healing and reminds us to take care of our own energy... Look at things we are grateful for .. What are the positives in our life? When we focus on the negative we bring more of that energy into our life so in focusing only on the positive aspects we are able to bring more of that energy within our pathway.... This is why it is of value to connect with The Universal Energy and know we are protected in all that we do... We have gratitude in our daily life , we raise our energy and bring a wealth of healing within our internal selves. I am Healed, I am protected and I am grateful for all I have and more!

  • @bluangel27 wow that is rally interesting, Thank you for the feedback

  • @hekatesxing
    the number 6 ry
    I have been trying to clear my mind but kept getting 6 or 18. so decided 6

  • @jayann will do you card when I can ....I am just relaxing for awhile it I'd at the end of the day here ....

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